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Posts of Qatar

An incredible live destination art experience featuring goalpost-shaped installations that frame some of Qatar’s most picturesque views. 

Each ‘Posts of Qatar’ installation has been designed by an individual artist or a pair, with two goalposts designed by artists from Qatar and the remaining eight by artists from nations that have previously won the tournament: England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. 

Sailing Forms

Hugo Dalton, England – Lusail City Marina

England and Qatar’s shared history as seafaring nations provided inspiration for Hugo Dalton’s goalpost, set by the shore at Lusail City Marina. England’s three lions, its St George’s Cross and the triangular sails of traditional Qatari dhow boats are all referenced in the sweeps of fabric that surround the post. As they ripple in the breeze, one can see the graceful movements of a young footballer in motion as drawn by the artist and a sea of English flags being proudly waved by fans as they watch their team in competition. The gold frame represents the nation’s victory in 1966, when the England team became World Champions. 

Posts of Qatar
Posts of Qatar


Ale Giorgini, Italy – Katara Cultural Village

Always believing that there’s more that unites us than divides us, Italy’s Ale immediately noted similarities between Doha’s Katara Amphitheatre and Rome’s ancient Colosseum. That realisation was the starting point for a creative concept that pairs Italy’s icons with their Qatari contemporaries - from their shared love of art, ground-breaking architecture and warm character that places such emphasis on friends and family, it turns out these two distinct nations have so much in common.

Iconic Italian landmarks meet Qatari contemporary architecture

Sails, Moving Forward

Guillaume Rouseré & Maryam Faraj Al-Suwaidi, France – The Pearl-Qatar

If you take a walk through The Pearl-Qatar, you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse of this goalpost and its glimmering metallic dhow sails winking in the sunlight. Come a bit closer however, and you’ll begin to hear whisperings of poetry spoken in both Arabic and French that are reflected and amplified by the sails themselves. A renowned sound artist, Guillaume has worked with local artist Maryam Faraj Al-Suwaidi to create an immersive tribute to the countries of Qatar and France. Guillaume and Maryam have been friends since their respective artist residencies at Doha Fire Station, and their story of two artists from two different cultures who have been brought together by art adds another dimension to this striking piece. 

Posts of Qatar
Posts of Qatar

The Shine Of Transformation

Josefina De Leon, Uruguay – Place Vendome

Football’s ability to bring the world together inspired Josefina to consider what the distant nations of Uruguay and Qatar might have in common; what immediately came to mind was that both countries have evolved at the most remarkable pace in recent decades. That’s why her goalpost is decorated with hand-painted butterflies, beautifully finished in Uruguay’s and Qatar’s national colours and the dreamy natural shades you see around the country. These butterflies, delicately fluttering in the goalpost frame, represent how radical transformations can produce surprising magic and beauty. The goalpost’s placement at Place Vendôme is intentional too - this glamorous mall is at the centre of Lusail, Qatar’s brand-new city.

Delicate butterflies represent the magic and beauty in radical transformation 


Simo Vibart & Fatima Alsharshani, Argentina – Aspire Zone

Simo’s playful goalpost comprises creatively blended colours - rich purples, deep mauves and swirls of sky blue - that reference the Argentinian and Qatari flags. There’s another distinct Argentina-Qatar combination on show here too: Simo partnered with local artist Fatima Alsharshani to create the calligraphy that crowns the frame, spelling out Argentina in Arabic. This spirit of creative friendship and intercultural appreciation is mirrored by the goalpost’s placement. It’s located in Aspire Park a place where people of all cultures come together to enjoy leisure time and nature.

Blended color and swirls depict the spirit of friendship and intercultural appreciation

Posts of Qatar
Posts of Qatar

From Spain To Qatar

Jordi Gil Fernandez, Spain – Sealine Beach

The wide sweeping sand dunes of the Inland Sea create a perfect backdrop for Jordi’s energetic graffiti-style creation. His aim has been to create a big-impact by merging cultures. If you get up close, you’ll discover drawings representing the heritage and history of Spain and Qatar. The gleaming gold leaf that fuses bold colours shows the banner of the artist’s philosophy and a not-so-subtle reference to the iconic trophy. A memorable place to merge the exclusivity of art in such a magical place is enjoying the golden dunes of the Inland Sea.

Sweeping sand dunes meet energetic graffiti at the Inland Sea

Harmony Shining Through The Rose

KEF!, Germany – West Bay Beach

It’s clear to see that KEF!’s goalpost was inspired by the desert rose, found in the sands of Qatar, those swirls and curves you see reference the unmistakable silhouettes. There’s more symbolism at play here, with the circular lines representing the incredible ability of football and art to bring together people of different cultures and nations. Of course, those little pops of colour are significant too, with the dashes of maroon, yellow, red and black all referencing Qatar and Germany’s national colours.

Posts of Qatar
Posts of Qatar

Where The Owl Sleeps

Camila Gondo, Brazil – MIA Park

Camilla’s colourful goalpost pays tribute to Brazil’s lush forests and remarkable wildlife, but with so many animals to choose from it’s no accident she placed an owl in one of its top corners. When football players score in the unreachable top corner of a goal, Brazilians refer to it as scoring “where the owl sleeps”. Of course, the falcon perched on the other side represents Qatar. Her installation’s location in MIA Park allows both majestic birds to seemingly soar against the glittering Doha skyline. 

Brazil and Qatar’s majestic birds perch and soar against the glittering Doha skyline

People From The World

Abdulaziz Yousef, Qatar – Flag Plaza

Celebrated Qatari artist Abdulaziz’s artwork is installed at Doha’s Flag Plaza square, where 119 nations’ flags are placed on proud display. He was challenged to represent all the fans that will be visiting Qatar in just one goalpost. The task was delivered brilliantly, with lots of clever touches on show alongside Abdulaziz’s signature hand-drawn figures. Truly offering something for every nationality, this playful goalpost has become a firm favourite of many.

A playful goalpost for every nationality at Doha’s prized Flag Plaza

Posts of Qatar
Posts of Qatar


Ghada Al-Suwaidi, Qatar – Souq Waqif

With its quaint stalls, grazing camels and aromatic spice market, Doha’s low-rise Souq Waqif remains the traditional heartland of this modern metropolis and makes a fitting location for Ghada’s evocative goalpost. The two sturdy blue doors, surrounded by tumbling bougainvillea, mimic the doorways that frequently feature on older Qatari houses, which children used to use as goalposts during casual neighbourhood football matches. For Qatari adults who have seen their country grow so rapidly in recent years, it’s scarcely believable that from such humble beginnings Qatar has gone on to proudly host people from every corner of the world. 

Traditional meets modern: a display of Qatar’s journey from humble beginnings to global host.

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