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Experience the magic of the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™

The FIFA Arab Cup™️ sees 16 teams from across the Arab world come together to compete. This 19-day extravaganza offers a great opportunity for countries and spectators alike to experience the spirit of Qatar and the iconic stadiums that will host the World Cup in 2022

Here’s a quick guide on how to experience the magic of the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™ live in the State of Qatar

  • 1. Get a ticket + flights or a full package

  • 2. Travel to Qatar

  • 3. Pick up Fan ID if you've applied for it previously

  • 4. Enter the stadium using your e-tickets or printed tickets

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Frequently asked questions to prepare your trip 

You can purchase tickets for the game here. Please note that tickets will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Apply for a Fan ID for a visa-free entry into Qatar during the FIFA Arab Cup 2021™, Qatar. Take advantage of the all-in-one access card (FAN ID) perks that include visa-free entry, access to stadiums and much more. The Fan ID also can be used to make payments, travel in Qatar Metro and trams, taxi and bus services.

Your safety and well-being is our priority. Qatar follows strict protocols to adhere to the safety of its residents and visitors. Spectators must strictly follow travel advice stated by Qatar with the guidance of the Ministry of Public Health. Kindly note that to date ticket holders are required to be fully vaccinated with one of Qatar’s approved vaccines by MOPH and must have completed 14 days post vaccination before travel. Additional information on coronavirus safety measures to access the FIFA Arab Cup 2021™ stadiums is available on

To experience the hospitality, culture and traditions of Qatar and make the most of your stay, download the Visit Qatar mobile app that allows you to find the most popular attractions near the stadiums or wherever you are in the city and showcases results that are tailor-made to suit your preferences.

  • Android phone users download here
  • iOS phone users download here

From state-of-the-art metro systems, easily accessible and affordable public transportation systems and private taxis or Uber rides, there's something for every type of visitor. If you're in the mood to drive around the city, you can hire a car for the duration of your stay. Find out more here

For a complete and quick guide for first-time and returning visitors in Qatar click here

Qatar is relatively relaxed around dress, although it’s recommended for both men and women to cover their shoulders and knees. Click here for more details on insider tips for visiting Doha.

Qatar redefines hospitality and introduces a wide range of resorts that accommodate all needs. Check out our guide to Doha's best resorts and hotels here.

Qatar's neighbourhoods boast waterfront views, sandy beaches, shopping avenues, exhibition spaces and eateries, reflecting the rich diversity of this tiny state. Click here to explore some of the must-see attractions.

Qatar is a young destination that offers a plethora of things to do and see for every type of traveller. Explore tours and itineraries that suit your travel style here.

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Helpful information

All of the facts you need to know about the Fan ID and the proccess and steps to follow to enter the country

Futuristic venues that will welcome the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™

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Experience the magic of the Arab Cup 2021