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Festival in Motion

Festival in Motion or Qatar Movement Festival celebrates dance, music, art, and architecture. 

  • Iconic locations throughout Qatar

  • December 5 - December 18

Festival in Motion

Set at the heart of the World Cup festivities in Qatar, each project will draw inspiration from the public spaces and heritage sites of Qatar to pair international artists for global collaborations. 

Highlights of the event

  • Live performances

  • Children's activities

  • Food & beverage

We will use media and technology to expand the live experience of the festival to gain a global, digital audience all over the world. Unlike most performing art that is only open to the lucky few who can attend, we will create an ongoing and extraordinary library of works created in Qatar and streamed everywhere. 

The governing principle behind the festival is collaboration and friendship. We will pair international artists with Qatari artists, invite established artists to work with emerging artists, and take advantage of Qatar’s millennia-long history as a center of trade and conversation to create site-specific work. The festival will encourage audiences to experience not just Qatar’s contemporary architecture and art, but its older heritage sites and unexpected corners. The way to know a place is through its spaces and the people who inhabit it and creating artistic spaces for new friendships is one of the motors driving this festival.

The extraordinary architecture and broad reach of Qatar Creates will serve as springboards for new work, inviting unexpected juxtapositions, and encouraging visitors to experience the breadth and depth of the country’s commitment to international art, dance, and music as well as its own community of Qatari artists making daring work across various media. The festival will focus on the world’s original technology which binds us all: the human body in motion.

We will use cutting-edge technology to transform, broadcast, and democratize this movement, and in combining art, architecture, music and dance with international, multicultural collaborations, we will create a portrait of our global moment and the future of movement.

Festival in Motion