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Garangao celebration

Join the Garangao celebration at the corniche! Doha's picturesque Corniche Plaza is hosting a grand Garangao celebration where you and your loved ones are invited to join for an unforgettable evening of culture during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

An evening of traditional Qatari culture for all families

Local and visiting families are invited to enjoy traditional Qatari hospitality and activities on this special evening in Doha. Learn more about Qatar’s Ramadan traditions from locals, take part in cultural quizzes and see a children’s fashion show awarding the best traditional outfits.

A tradition dating back to tribal times, when guests were welcomed in the desert with refreshing drinks and sweet treats, you’ll have the chance to sample Arabic coffee (Qahwa), sweet milk tea (Karak) and red tea (Chai Sulaimani) – plus premium Medjool dates and sugary doughnut balls (Lugaimat).

Little ones can take part in several workshops, for example making a colourful 3D Ramadan–inspired paper lantern. They can also paint clay items and learn how to weave a Sadu bracelet from a Bedouin weaving master.

Enjoy a collection of moving art pieces at the art exhibition and stand a chance to win a painting kit by recreating one of the art pieces. You can also have your hands painted at the Henna corner with a beautiful henna design.

Garangao celebration

About Garangao in Qatar

Garangao is a tradition dear to the people of the Gulf region, especially here in Qatar. Every year, on the 14th day of Ramadan, children get dressed up in their traditional dress to knock on the doors of all their neighbours. The whole community welcomes the kids with treats like sweets and nuts. On this night, Qatari kids and all their international friends stay out until late collecting treats in traditional cotton bags while singing a traditional song.

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During the Holy Month of Ramadan, there is a special atmosphere in Qatar with plenty of exciting events taking place across the country. We have collected several unbeatable offers to help you and your loved ones enjoy every moment to the fullest.

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