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Get to know Abu Dhalouf Town

Northern Qatar – and a million miles from Doha

Heritage site, History

Abu Dhalouf Town

Abandoned villages, archaeological sites and protected areas are scattered throughout the municipality of Al Shamal. Visitors come to enjoy the many beaches but also to spend more than a few hours in Abu Dhalouf Town. You will discover ancient mosques at this quaint little destination. One of Qatar’s most famous attractions is Abu Dhalouf Park. Located along the beach, it offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. The park is also near the city centre, so you and your family can wander, shop and marvel at a lifestyle completely different to glittering, ultra-modern Doha.

How to get there?

  • Al Dhalouf Town is around one and a half hours by car from central Doha. A 4X4 is highly recommended.

Abu Dhalouf Town





Highlights of your visit

  • Spectacular Gulf views

  • Town centre

  • Park and beach

Lush, vibrant, and ambient, Al Dhalouf Park is one of Qatar’s best-loved public spaces. Families come here to enjoy relaxing picnics and delightful sea views. 

'Abu' means 'Father' and in this context is used to describe an area with a distinct feature. 'Dhalouf' is derived from 'dhalfa', which is the name given to the curved ends of saddles. It was so named because there is a hill that resembles the end of a saddle.

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