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Fast foods and snacks

Numerous fast food establishments offer up delicious, affordable dishes, served hot and fast.  Head to these local institutions to sample some of the best eats in town.

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Fast facts about Qatar

Did you know that the name 'Qatar' was first used by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder and referred to the inhabitants of the region called Catharra? Click the button bellow to find out more interesting facts!

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Culture of Coffee

As you look into your cup of joe, consider the history you hold in your hands.  With an estimated 2.25 billion cups of coffee drunk daily around the world, coffee has been stolen, smuggled and banned, and illustrates globalisation at its earliest.

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Dining with a view

With its towering skyline and vast waterfront, Doha is a city full of expansive, breath-taking vistas and the city’s restaurants afford views that make you forget your dinner companions.

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Healthy Food

From diet menus at many eateries to specialized restaurants serving wholesome meals, its never been easier to eat your way through Qatar, while continuing to stay healthy.  

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