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Culinary experience

Qatar is a fascinating destination for food enthusiasts, a country that walks a fine line between modernity and tradition. It presents a rich and diverse culinary scene with a plethora of choices, from Michelin-starred restaurants and experimental cuisine to delicious street food, that covers all needs and tastes.

The culinary experience of Qatar showcases the creative mixture of Arabic and multicultural cuisine and introduce the masterminds behind the country’s top restaurants. Qatar’s best chefs introduce themselves and present their signature dishes, along with the secrets for mastering their recipes.

Culinary experience

Pino Lavarra

Executive Chef at Al Messila

Pino Lavarra is a Michelin-starred, multi-awarded celebrity Chef and cookbook author who has collaborated with some of the world’s most celebrated hotels and restaurants across Europe and Asia. Throughout his career, Chef Lavarra has been noted for his devotion to natural produce. He is known for creating a new approach to international agricultural and healthy dining and discovery. Chef Lavarra introduces his signature dish, the Qatari inspired Madrouba, in his own unique way.

Culinary experience

Timur Fazilov

Executive Chef at Morimoto Doha, Mondrian Doha

He developed his craft during his time in the UK and the GCC to further finesse in Qatar. Timur Fazilov, the Executive Chef at Morimoto Doha, is a chef with extensive knowledge and experience in creating unique international dishes, embraced by world-renowned food connoisseurs and food enthusiasts. He presents his signature dish, a masterpiece made for the seafood lovers, and he reveals the secret ingredient that gives this extra touch.

Culinary experience

Noor Al Mazroei

Chef at Rosado Café

The Qatari recipes truly inspire Chef Noor Al Mazroei, who grew up in the kitchen, and started experimenting with flavors and scents at a very young age. Local recipes have shaped the way Chef Noor is cooking, as she believes that they tell the country's story and represent its heritage. Chef Noor's biggest aim is to deliver high-quality and delightful food to all.

Culinary experience

Justin Yu

Executive chef, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Mondrian Doha

With inspired dishes and high standards, Justin Yu, the Executive Chef at CUT by Wolfgang Puck, is known for his skills and creativity. He introduces his signature dish and explains why he believes that the secret ingredient is salt. He worked in various destinations around the US and the Middle East, and he started working at CUT by Wolfgang Puck in May 2019.

Culinary experience

AliReza Nezafat

Executive Chef at Parisa Souq Waqif

Chef Ali Reza creates culinary magic at the popular Parisa restaurant in Souq Waqif. His Persian specialty dishes are a creative combination of tradition and authenticity. Chef Ali Reza takes great pride in the food he creates, and each of his dishes represents Tehran’s history, along with rich flavors. He has 20 years of experience, and he focuses on cooking with high-quality ingredients.

Culinary experience

Matthias Stuber

Executive Sous Chef at Sharq Village and Spa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Doha

With a valuable experience in luxury hotels and restaurants, Chef Matthias Stuber brings his culinary mastery and expertise in Qatar. His gastronomic experiences around the world shaped his passion for food and opened new horizons. He invites people to try the Zarb dining experience, which offers a deep dive into Qatar's culinary tradition.

Culinary experience