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The air

View Qatar from above, with paragliding and kite surfing, or for something different, contact one of several specialised operators for light aircraft, gliders, ultralights, gyroplanes, and microlights.

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Helicopter tours

Enjoy Qatar's unbeatable views with a helicopter ride! Witness the country's beautiful landscapes from above and experience the thrills of flying in a helicopter.

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The air

Skydiving in Qatar

Skydiving is one of the most exquisite experiences one can have in Qatar. World-class instructors and facilities welcome all adrenaline-seekers to enjoy the thrill of jumping from the sky.

The air


Strong winds and vast skies make the deserts of Qatar perfect for paragliding, offering a wholly different perspective of the landscape.

The air

Hot air balloon

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Doha during sunrise. Experience the exciting sky adventure while enjoying a 360-degree panoramic and picturesque view of the city! A must-activity to tick off your bucket list! 

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Things to do

The air