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Qatar's climate

Look forward to glorious all-year sunshine in Qatar, thanks to our warm desert climate. Get our weather tips to make the most of every season in Qatar. 

Discover the weather in Qatar

Our desert peninsula enjoys hot summers and cool, pleasant winters. In summer, Qatar has much to explore, from sunny beaches and fun water parks to stunning museums and cosy cafes. Our mild winter temperatures are ideal if you love spending lots of time outdoors.

Qatar's climate | Weather & climate guide
Qatar's climate | Weather & climate guide

Discover the best of summer and winter in Qatar

A peninsula that juts out into the Arabian Gulf, Qatar has two main seasons: hot desert-climate summers and mild, pleasant winters. Learn more about the highlights of each season.


The winter period runs from November to February and is a wonderful time to explore Qatar. The mild and sunny weather is ideal for outdoor adventures, such as camping under the stars, a golfing holiday or just relaxing at a sidewalk café under clear blue skies. With average temperatures ranging from 15 °C to 20 °C, it’s the best time to enjoy beautiful parks and sights like Souq Waqif, or go on a hunt for the best Doha street food or street art.

Qatar's climate | Weather & climate guide
Qatar's climate | Weather & climate guide



The hot summer season runs from June to September. Temperatures can reach 45°C or higher, so it’s best to wear loose clothing made from breathable fabrics.  Plan your day so that you spend late mornings and afternoons in cool spaces like our many museums or world-class shopping malls – or enjoy a little siesta at your hotel until it has cooled down a bit. There are many hidden gems to discover in air-conditioned splendour.

Qatar's climate | Weather & climate guide
Qatar's climate | Weather & climate guide
Qatar's climate | Weather & climate guide

Any questions about Qatar’s climate?

Qatar has a dry, subtropical desert climate with low annual rainfall and intensely hot, humid summers. The winters are cool and pleasant.

Qatar’s weather is pleasant all year round but the best times to visit Qatar for warm-weather activities are from early April to early May and from late October to late November.

Qatar is a relatively small and flat country, so there isn’t much difference in the weather from north to south. In the north, you might get more rain showers in the wet season, in the coastal regions it might be slightly cooler and in the cities you might experience higher levels of humidity than inland areas.

Qatar has a dry desert climate but it can get humid at times. In the summer humidity can reach 40 –  60%.

Rainfall is only experienced during the winter with the northern parts of the country receiving 30% more rainfall than the south. The annual precipitation in Doha is 71.33 mm on average. 

January is the coldest month. The cool season lasts from early December to early March.

Qatar generally has two main weather seasons but occasionally experiences some unusual weather. In the spring, from March to May, the condition known as Al Sarayat is characterised by thunderstorms, strong winds and heavy rain. Strong northern winds are known as Shamal Winds and are most frequent in the summer months of June, July and August. From October to mid-December, the period known as Al Wasmi begins. It is marked by intermittent spells of rain, some heavy downpours and storms.

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Qatar's climate | Weather & climate guide