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About Qatar

The local cuisine of Qatar

Qatari cuisine is rich in tradition with a blend of influences from India, Persia, Lebanon, and North Africa. Get ready for a flavour explosion and learn more about our food culture. 

A unique cuisine, best shared with loved ones

The food of Qatar is a love language that takes your tastebuds on a journey of discovery of the Middle East and beyond. It tells stories of ancient trade routes, family and togetherness, of plates shared around a table. 

Our food is flavourful and fragranced with secret spice mixes carefully sourced from local souqs.

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How to cook Machboos with Chef Noor Al Mazroei

Watch how Noor reinvents one of the most authentic foods of Qatar – the first dish she cooked with her grandmother.

Taste the best of local and international food at the Qatar International Food Festival 2024

Take a look back at our annual Qatar food festival, where you’ll find outstanding restaurants, a cooking theatre, nightly fireworks and live entertainment. Get ready for more mouth-watering fun from 24 January – 4 February 2024.

The local cuisine of Qatar | A Culinary Journey

Qatari cuisine takes your taste buds around the world

From opulent Michelin-star dining to tasty street food, see why Doha’s famous food scene draws chefs and fans from around the world.

Any questions about food in Qatar?

Qatar cuisine is influenced by influences from all over the Middle East, India and North Africa. A meal usually consists of lots of sharing plates, with dishes like saloona stew, madhruba, balaleet noodles and sago pudding, and drinks like sweet karak tea.

It depends who you ask! Qataris love aromatic stew, kebabs, rice, vegetables and breads but things like burgers, pizza, tacos and sushi are also popular. 

Majboos is something you must try when you’re in Qatar. The name means ‘be engaged’ in Arabic. Usually made with lamb or chicken, the dish is cooked very slowly to deepen the flavour. It was traditionally served at weddings and occasions, but now it’s eaten all the time. 

There is something for every budget in Qatar, from family-friendly eateries and street food trucks to fast food restaurants where you can eat well for under $5.

The most popular spices are cardamom, cumin, cloves and saffron. If you visit a spice souk, look out for ingredients like black loumi (lime), saffron and bizar (a secret spice blend).

Tap water is safe for brushing your teeth and cooking but it’s recommended to rather drink filtered or bottled water. 

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The local cuisine of Qatar | A Culinary Journey