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A complete guide to Qatar

Qatar Now guidebook

FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022™ special edition

The FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022™ special edition pays tribute to the earth's greatest and much-anticipated sporting event. Qatar Now Volume 2 features a stadium guide showcasing fascinating behind-the-scenes information, the match schedule, and interesting fast facts about FIFA.


  • FIFA facts and practical information
  • Interview with David Beckham
  • How Qatar is a destination for all
  • Brings Qatar’s diverse neighbourhoods to life

The publication illustrates

  • Cultural identity

  • Unique destination experiences

  • Rich heritage

  • Insider travel information

The world-renowned football legend David Beckham shares his recommendations around the country and reveals what makes FIFA in Qatar unique, whilst Hamad Al Amari, the comedian, entrepreneur and father of three, shares all these that make Doha an ideal family destination with a plethora of events to attend and activities to partake that will best suit each type of traveller.

You can feel the excitement and pride the Qatari people have in welcoming visitors to their country.

Qatar Now
David Beckham

I’m very excited that the World Cup is coming here. Not just because Qatar is hosting, but for the whole region. This is the

first time the World Cup is being played in the Arab world. In the past, the impression was only that people would come here to work,

but now they will come to experience our culture and see what this part of the world is all about.

Qatar Now
Hamad Al Amari