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Art and culture in Qatar

Join us as we go behind the scenes with the artists and innovators who are shaping Qatar’s vibrant culture and design scene.

Meet our curators

  1. Profile picture of Tania Al Majid

    Tania Al Majid

    Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs, National Museum of Qatar
    Art & culture
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  2. Profile picture of Yousef Ahmad & Maryam Al-Homaid

    Yousef Ahmad & Maryam Al-Homaid

    Artists, father and daughter
    Art & culture
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  3. Profile picture of Mubarak Al-Malik

    Mubarak Al-Malik

    Street artist
    Art & culture
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Modern artistry meets ancient tradition

The past touches the future and barriers are broken in exhibitions, on the streets and across the country – as seen in our latest Qatar Now guide.

Tania Al Majid explores the traditions of Qatar’s storied past

In a museum without straight walls, you’ll things in ways you never imagined. Tour the futuristic National Museum of Qatar with an in-house expert.

In a museum without straight walls, you’ll  experience things in ways you never imagined. Tour the futuristic National Museum of Qatar with an in-house expert.

Yousef and Maryam celebrate modern art across generations

One of the pioneers of modern arts in Qatar, Yousef and his artist daughter Maryam share their processes and inspiration for the experiential art they create.

You can see art by Koons, KAWS and Virgil Abloh in Doha’s contemporary museums and galleries. But local Arabic modern art is a booming scene—and my dad is the original. 

Creative places to see contemporary art

Get a uniquely Arab perspective on contemporary art at Mathaf, venture behind the canary-coloured doors of the Garage Gallery at the Fire Station Gallery or attend a workshop at Katara Art Centre. Incredible galleries are hidden everywhere across Doha.

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Mubarak Al-Malik is taking fine art to the streets

Art no longer just belongs in galleries. Watch how street artist Mubarak Al-Malik is elevating graphic murals and calligraffiti to exhibition status.

I find it a little boring to only have exhibitions in galleries. I want to inspire all types of people, to make them think, every day.

Qatar’s modernist landmarks are a magnet for architecture fans

Local architect Ibrahim Jaidah is the mastermind behind landmarks as diverse as Al Thumama Stadium, Iconic 2022 and the Fire Station art space.

There’s more to Doha than first meets the eye

As the Chief Architect of the Arab Engineering Bureau, Jaidah champions the fusion of Islamic and Qatari vernacular with contemporary concepts. Amongst Doha’s futuristic forest of skyscrapers, you’ll discover many contrasting designs, such as the M7 innovation hub in  Downtown Doha, which marries the layout of a traditional Qatari courtyard house with a sleek profile.

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Doha’s buildings have another story to tell. What makes Qatar unique is that through incredible growth and globalisation, we have retained our own architectural identity.

Art and culture in Qatar
Ibrahim Jaidah Group CEO & Chief Architect the Arab Engineering Bureau
Art and culture in Qatar