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Discover Qatar's art scene with Muna Al Bader

Muna Al Bader


"I am an Engineer, Business Analyst and an artist; art has been in my life since childhood. I was planning a career in IT, but eventually I was selected as Artist in Residence by Doha Fire Station. I have been an Art Ambassador for different international organizations, including Art Without Borders in Madrid. I have been working for some exhibitions, and I have curated the exhibition between American and Qatari artists."

Art is always connecting cultures.

Muna Al Bader
Muna Al-Bader Artist

My stories

Muna Al Bader

Creating never stops!

While we were developing graffiti work in Katara, the weather was bad; it was raining heavily. However, I am so passionate about art, I didn't stop until I made sure the result was the best. It was challenging, but reaching perfection is always my goal. 

Muna Al Bader

Challenges that become opportunities

I was working with Ooredoo, for "The Art and The Mobile" project. The circumstances under which I was working were not the easiest ones, but I managed to complete my work. I always see challenges as opportunities.

Muna Al Bader

Art during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have initiated a new campaign called "Art stay safe"; it was the first virtual exhibition in Qatar, and we got a lot of appreciation for this. People opened their eyes to the digital platforms and how the artists can market their pieces fast and worldwide. 

Muna Al Bader

Always inspired

Doha Fire Station is my favourite space in Doha. I enjoy being there at sunrise, sunset, watching people, the traffic, my city... My city is always an inspiration. We have many curators there and being in an environment full of artists, is always an inspiration. I learn from them and they learn from me. Doha Fire Station has been a great place for experimenting with my art.

My travel tips

Arrange a visit to an artist's studio!

The best time to visit Qatar is from October to April, the weather is lovely.

From December to February bring a jacket and some heavy warm clothes.

May and June are ideal months for water activities.

My top 10 recommendations in art & culture

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Follow my itinerary

Muna Al Bader

Get authentic vibes and explore the museums

Go to Souq Waqif for breakfast and then visit the Art Centre; it's a great destination for art lovers. Later on, walk to Msheireb Downtown and visit the Cultural Pass Club gallery; it hosts amazing artists. For lunch, you can go to the restaurant located in the National Museum of Qatar, and for dinner, IDAM at Museum of Islamic Art is an excellent choice. 

Muna Al Bader

Art, parks and attractive neighbourhoods 

Start your day with breakfast at Café 999, located in Doha Fire Station. Combine it with a tour of the various galleries and studios and then, walk around Al Bidda park. For lunch, go to Katara Cultural Village and observe the public art pieces. If you're up for dinner, book a table at Yasmine Palace at the Pearl, for some local deliciousness. 

Muna Al Bader

A day at the desert or at the beach

Grab a takeaway breakfast and head to Zekreet, to check out the stunning Richard Serra piece. You can spend your day there, doing various beach activities.

Muna Al Bader

Shopping and dining

Enjoy your breakfast at Al Hazm Mall, and continue with shopping at Tawar Mall. Then, go to W Hotel and check out the Art 29 space. For lunch, Spice Market is a great choice. For dinner, I suggest Sel & Miel at the Ritz- Carlton for elegant French-inspired flavours.

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Muna Al Bader