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Travel dream with us

From natural and urban landscapes to art and cultural treasures, we have selected a wide range of backgrounds to add to your next videocall.

In an era where we mainly connect with friends, family, and colleagues virtually, what is better than travel-dreaming of all the amazing things Qatar has to offer? 

Countless cultural treasures, natural beauty, important historic sites, and a vibrant capital; Explore Qatar virtually and bring a piece of the country to your next online meeting. Until we meet again!

Choose your background

and awaken your travel spirit

Learn more about Qatar’s iconic locations

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Banana Island

Take in some breathtaking views of blue oceans and lush green sceneries; ideal for kickstarting a day of countless online meetings.

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Kayaking at the Mangroves of Al Thakira

One of Qatar’s most impressive spots, Al Thakira Mangroves, is an area where nature blooms. Can you think of a better way to travel-dream than this one?

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Inland Sea

Inland Sea is a UNESCO-recognized natural reserve and one of the few places in the world where the sea meets the desert, a truly unique spot that will surely impress your Zoom participants.

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Doha Skyline

Where tradition meets modernity, Doha’s impressive skyline kisses the sky while the city keeps its authentic, traditional feel with wooden dhows around. 

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The Pearl

Immerse yourself virtually in the Pearl, the stunning man-made island, home to elegant shops, fancy yachts, and a wide variety of cafes and restaurants. A beautiful place to be.

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Qatar introduces a wide range of public art installations that give the country a creative touch. Richard Serra's East-West/ West-East is located outside Zekreet, north of Doha, and consists of four steel plates, each of which is over 14m in height. 


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Museum of Islamic Art

The stunning architectural gem on the Doha waterfront is an excellent example of Islamic architecture and an iconic element of the city’s landscape. The Museum of Islamic Art houses an incredible collection of manuscripts, textiles and ceramics.

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The oryx, Qatar’s national animal, is of great significance to the country thus it will be the perfect background for your online meetings.

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West Bay Skyline

Doha’s magnificent skyline will have you dreaming of enjoying that view in person as soon as possible!

How to add the Qatar backgrounds to Zoom

    1. Download and save your favorite background from the collection below.
    2. Create a Zoom account and log in.
    3. Open your ‘account settings’ and select ‘virtual background’. Make sure that the box next to ‘I have a green screen’ is checked.
    4. Add the virtual background of your choice by selecting 'add image’. Upload the background of your choice.
    5. Enjoy Qatar! 

    How to add the Qatar backgrounds to Microsoft Teams

      1. During your Microsoft Teams call, click the three dots on the settings bar.
      2. Select 'show background effects'.
      3. Upload your favorite background and select it.
      4. Select 'preview' or 'apply'.
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