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Behind the scenes


Visiting the set from the TV ad:

How to make the most of your stay in Qatar

Stream "Shining" song 

Download and listen the song of our TV ad "Shining" (feat. Raisa). Raisa is an Indonesian singer and songwriter. She became publicly known for her song titled "Serba Salah". Shining is the official song that promotes our World Beyond. 

Behind the scenes

Meet our travel guides

Qatar invites you to experience a world beyond; discover cultural masterpieces, unwind at the country’s beaches, embark on thrilling adventures or simply enjoy a city break or a romantic getaway. The best part is, you will not be alone! Our guides, who represent various interests, will guide you through and show you the best of Qatar, places and faces you will never forget. Meet our guides and start making stories!

Behind the scenes

Meet Hugo, the beach holiday seeker

Hi! I’m Hugo, a pursuer of sun and beaches who loves nothing more than to unwind. I love discovering secluded spots or luxurious beach resorts and I also enjoy practising water activities, such as kayaking or snorkelling. The perfect holiday for me is the one in horizontal mode, treating myself to beautiful resorts, walking barefoot on sandy beaches or relaxing at the pool. If you also want to experience La Dolce Vita, follow me!

Behind the scenes

Meet Tinku, the art & culture enthusiast

Hi! I’m Tinku, an art and culture enthusiast who loves wandering through world-class museums and galleries. I believe art shapes our world. I am fascinated by creative people, emerging artists, innovative galleries; I could spend forever there, and I just have to soak in the cultural treasures! I love Qatar, as it’s the definition of the perfect balance between the old and new. If you’re like me, follow me and let’s find inspiration in the arts together! 

Behind the scenes

Meet Billy, Buzz & Blaze, the adventurous spirits

Hi! We are Billy, Buzz & Blaze, thrill-seekers who love adventure. Through activities and sports, we can see the most beautiful landscapes and live unique experiences. Why do we love Qatar? Because it offers us the opportunity to explore untouched landscapes such as the Mangroves, experience hot air balloon rides and get the thrills, or enjoy the fascinating desert and water adventures. Life is all about trying new things and making stories. If you’re like us, follow us and let the adventure begin!

Behind the scenes

Meet Ayla, the city explorer

Hi! I’m Ayla, a city explorer in the pursuit of the best luxury experiences that highlight diversity, architecture and attractions of a destination. Qatar remains my all-time favourite destination for an exotic city break because of its year-round holiday ambience, endless shopping options, and international culinary scene. The capital city of Doha boasts distinctive modern attractions and brims with hospitality, culture, and heritage, creating various holiday opportunities for all types of city explorers. Let’s begin!

Behind the scenes

Meet Miles and Mei, the romantic souls

Hi! We're Miles and Mei, travel lovers on the lookout for that perfect romantic getaway full of fine experiences. Qatar makes a young destination, ideal for romantics like Mei and myself. The gorgeous neighbourhoods, pristine beaches, luxury hotel stays and world-class couple spa retreats are some of our favourites experiences. The city also has various attractions and activities for couples who’re in the mood for an adventurous date by the desert, water or mid-air. We’ve created memories while hot air ballooning together across the skies of Qatar! What experience would you pick to begin with?

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