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Adventure & sports

A paradise for adrenaline-seekers, Qatar is ideal for adventures across land, sea and air - with everything from desert safaris to water and air activities.

Visitors enjoy dune bashing, scuba diving, rock climbing, skydiving, kitesurfing camel rides, quad biking and wakeboarding are just some of the activties available.

Qatar is a joy for bikers and holds the World Guniness Record for the longest continual path.

Qatar has a very vibrant and active leisure offering. Skydiving, waterboarding, paragliding, kayaking and go-karting are some of the ,ore popular pasttimes.

Qataris love their football. The national team has represented the country in many regional, Arab, and international championships. Interest is likely to increase as the world's biggest football tournament, the 2022 World Cup, approaches.

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Things to do