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Eid in Qatar

Get excited for three days of exciting family entertainment experiences during the Eid Festival, including the region’s first-ever giant balloon parade, in addition to marching bands, daily firework displays, carnival games and food stalls.

  • When

    May 3 - May 5, 2022

  • What time

    4:00 PM onward

  • Where

    Doha Corniche

Eid in Qatar

Giant balloon parade

A high-energy entertainment featuring giant balloon parades and live entertainment for everyone in the family (from enthused children to nostalgic adults). The parade will be populated by giant classic cartoon character balloons alongside symbols of Qatar’s ecology and cultural diversity (think bulging whale sharks and beautiful traditional dhow boats). There will be plenty more surprises in store, and everyone’s assured of an unimpeded view. 

Eid in Qatar

Live music concerts

Top artists from the Arab world will perform in Qatar! Experience spectacular musical nights, hear your favourite songs, and let the artists light up the festivities of Eid.

3rd May - Mahmoud Al Turki

4th May - Nasser Al Kubeissi 

5th May - Sultan Khalifa 

Eid in Qatar

Favourite food stalls

Enjoy daily firework displays, carnival games and food stalls with your friends and family during the festivities of Eid. Sample some of the world’s most delicious dishes with a varied range of vendors simply by sauntering down the Corniche. 

Event schedule

  • 15:00 - 16:00 crowd entrance and lineup
  • 16:30 - 17:30 giant balloon parade
  • 19:30 live music performances
  • 21:00 fireworks display
  • 16:30 - 23:00 carnival games, F&B stalls and roaming shows

An event that's all about

  • Live performances

  • Giant balloon parade

  • Exciting activities

  • Food trucks & kiosks

Complimenting the Eid in Qatar celebrations, leading Arab artists will perform in Qatar during a few days of live entertainment.

May 3

Eid in Qatar

Mahmoud Al Turki

Mahmoud Al-Turki is an Iraqi artist, singer and composer. He gained wide fame in the Arab world. He started his artistic career in 2012 and achieved various successes in terms of views on YouTube and all social media platforms. His concerts achieved a large audience, and he presented a group of singles that achieved great success. And a group of songs "duet" and "trio" with artists from Iraq and the Arab world. 

May 4

Eid in Qatar

Nasser Al Kubeissi

Nasser Al Kubaisi is a Qatari artist, singer and the brother of artist Fahad Al Kubaisi. Despite his young age, he was able to find the right place for himself in the world of Qatari songs, and not only had the popularity within his country, but he sought to achieve great popularity in most of the Gulf countries due to his great interaction on social media. By the age of 12, Nasser Al-Kubaisi was at the Coral Swar Theater to perform the most famous patriotic song "Allah Ya Omri Qatar" which turned into a stepping stone to his fame. 

May 5

Eid in Qatar

Sultan Khalifa

Sultan Khalifa is a popular Saudi Arabian artist/singer and composer, better known with the songs: "Adman Hubk" , "Qalil Alshawq" . Sultan Khalifa is famous by the name Hagrous. He participated in most of the Saudi general Authority of Entertainments Concerts and festivals and National day parties. Sultan Khalifa has a large audience in the gulf and the Arab world. He is a former football player in Al-Qadisiyah team. 

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