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Welcome to Mafjar Beach

Treat yourself to new experiences amid old ruins.


Mafjar Beach

On the northern tip of Qatar, next to the historic former settlement of Al Mafjar, you will discover Al Mafjar Beach. Popularly known as Old Ruins Beach or Umm Tays, this is where soft, unspoiled sandy areas meet the remnants of an abandoned village. Although fenced off for conservation reasons, it is possible to wander around the perimeter of the ruins with its colonial-style villa and get a sense of times past. 

How to get there?

  • From Doha drive north on Shamal Road to Al Shamal. The highway ends at the second roundabout. Turn right and after about 2.5 kilometers turn left onto a paved road. Continue until just before you reach a group of houses at the shore and turn right onto a dirt track. Follow the track until you reach Al Mafjar, recognizable by the abandoned buildings.

Mafjar Beach


Al Shamal



Al Mafjar is one of the best beaches in Qatar: clean; ideal for kids; and with good facilities. You may feel the urge to just lie under the sun while snorkelers explore a sunken car; and kiters take advantage of warm, soothing winds. Mangroves can be reached by wading through calm waters, which will be around knee-deep during high tide. At low tide, picnickers walk or wade to a tiny peninsula to dine in groups. 

Highlights of your visit

  • Old ruins

  • Mangroves

  • Watersports

Al Mafjar Beach was once named the most beautiful beach in the country by members of the Qatar Natural History Group.

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Al Shamal

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Mafjar Beach