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Discover Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zaid AlMahmoud

The centre presents local culture, including Islamic and Qatari heritage, to enlighten non-Arab visitors; visiting it is a deeply meaningful experience.


Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zaid AlMahmoud

One of the most widely known landmarks in Doha, the spiral-shaped building, is a governmental entity centrally located near Souq Waqif and the Museum of Islamic Art.  It can be seen from a distance, especially in the evenings when its lighting accentuates the unique design of this beautifully unique piece of architecture. Fanar was once the largest mosque in the country.

How to get there?

  • Fanar is located in the Corniche area near Souq Waqif.

While it remains a functioning mosque, Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zaid AlMahmoud also hosts religious, education-related and social activities. At the cultural centre visitors can enjoy traditional coffee and learn about the Qatari lifestyle, the country’s heritage and culture.  

It hosts a variety of activities including classes, exhibitions and tours. Non-Muslim visitors can attend Friday prayers conducted in English. Staff are more than willing to explain mosque etiquette and courses in the Islamic faith as well in Arabic are available.

See below some helpful information:


Traditional Hall and Civilization Hall:

This space, designed to look like a traditional Bedouin tent, will give visitors a deep understanding of Qatar's rich culture and traditional life.


Two local cultural programs:

Both programs discuss the Qatari local culture; clothes, traditions, social and national occasions. 

Qatari Majlis is presented in three languages: (English- Spanish- Russian).

Coffee morning is in English only and is delivered to ladies only. Amongst the discussed topics, you will find information and insights about the Qatar National Day, Qatar National Sports Day, Ramadan, Hajj (i.e. Pilgrimage), Qatari traditional life near the coast, Qatari Bedouin traditional life, and dress code in Qatar.


VR film and values hall:

This newly opened hall sheds light on the values which Islamic culture represents. All are presented through posters in seven languages. The VR film, along with manuscripts and ornamentation pieces, tells the story of how Islam evolved through the years and how it supports education and knowledge.  


Imam Mohammad Bin AbdAlwahhab Mosque visit:

This visit opens the gate to observing the local architecture and understanding the beauty and peace of mosques.


Arabic courses for non-native speakers:

These courses ease your communication with the local community and help you understand its culture through test books and teachers with long experience in this field. 

Useful information

Opening times

Tuesday 7:15AM–1:15PM

Wednesday 7:15AM–1:15PM

Thursday 7:15AM–1:15PM

Friday Closed

Saturday Closed

Sunday 7:15AM–1:15PM

Monday 7:15AM–1:15PM

Not to miss

Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zaid AlMahmoud