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Relish Zekreet Beach

Experience the solitude of an unspoiled destination.


Zekreet Beach

Zekreet Beach (also known as Ras Abrouq Beach) shows nature at its most picturesque. The limestone escarpment featuring cliffs, pillars, and rocks makes the topography unusual. The sedimentary rocks along the shoreline and huge mushroom shaped structures made from limestone offer an arresting and ethereal site.  

How to get there?

  • Zekreet Beach is about 90 km from Doha. Take the road to Dukhan for 80 km and turn right at the Zekreet junction. It is possible to drive in a standard car, however a 4x4 would be more comfortable.

Zekreet Beach


Al Rayyan



The sandy shores and the clusters of rocks appear magical. Admire the sunset that leaves the water crimson. Embrace the desert solitude. Away from any settlements, the beach is perfect for overnight camping where you can easily set up and marvel at the starry desert sky. With beach fun and watersports, Zekreet is a serene gateway to wonderful memories.  

While the area is barren, wildlife is rare and impressive. From Oryx to migratory birds, you can witness exotic wildlife near Zekreet Beach.

Highlights of your visit

  • Limestone formations

  • Pristine beach

  • Village of Zekreet

The landscape is dominated by limestone escarpments that includes unique rock formations. 

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Al Rayyan

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Zekreet Beach