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Practical info


*NOTE: New visa rules apply during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ period of 10 Nov to 23 Dec. Find out how to get your digital Hayya card.

Citizens of over 95 countries are eligible for visa-free entry into the State of Qatar. How long you are allowed to stay will depend on where you're from, so best to check beforehand. Ideally with an authorised entity, because the terms and conditions that apply can be different per country. To make it easy for you, fill in the field below and press the button to find out if you need a Visa and if yes, which one.

More details regarding the different visas can be found here.

Coronavirus and travel to Qatar

In view of the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, several measures have been implemented. For more information and the most up-to-date data, please visit the  Qatar Travel and Returns Policy

Citizens of more than 95 countries are eligible for visa-free entry. Check with an authorized entity.