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Sky Masters Sports Club

Enjoy the best views of Qatar's beautiful coastline from above with Sky Masters Sports Club. Take a tour with one of the club's experienced pilots or train with the best instructors to earn your wings and fly solo. 

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Sky Masters Sports Club

Visitors to Sky Masters Sports Club can expect to enjoy some of the most awe-inspiring views from high up above. Take off on a tour of the picturesque Sealine area or train to fly a variety of motorised aircraft yourself about a one-hour drive from the center of Doha. It is family-friendly fun and excitement for all adrenaline-loving visitors with a dream to fly. 

Take to the sky at Sky Masters Sports Club

Soar through the sky like a superhero

Paramotoring is an exhilarating adventure sport that combines the freedom of paragliding with the power of a lightweight motor. Pilots wear a backpack-style motor unit, allowing them to launch from flat ground and soar through the skies. It offers a unique and thrilling way to experience the world from above.

Take to the sky at Sky Masters Sports Club

Strap in for an exciting flight experience

With a specially designed three-wheeled vehicle equipped with a paraglider wing, you can take to the skies and enjoy the freedom of flight over the picturesque landscape of the Qatari coast.

Take to the sky at Sky Masters Sports Club

Relax and take in the views from above

Using a lightweight glider, pilots use the natural winds on the Qatari coast to navigate and stay aloft for extended periods. It's an awe-inspiring experience that allows you to witness breathtaking landscape and experience a true sense of freedom.

Take a look at Qatar from high up above with Sky Masters

Book your tour of the sky

The Sky Masters Sports Club offers 10, 20 and 30-minute flying tours over the Sealine area that will take your breath away. 

Take to the sky at Sky Masters Sports Club

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Take to the sky at Sky Masters Sports Club