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Eight things to do in Lusail

Welcome to the smartest of smart cities

Fifteen years ago you may have asked; ‘where’s that?’ but today, Lusail City is not only firmly established on the map but is also indelibly branded in the hearts and minds of Qataris, expatriates and tourists. Along with its iconic stadium that will feature in the World Cup, and a population of around 200,000, Lusail City an quite rightly claim to be the smartest, most technologically advanced smart city in the region, if not the world.

Lusail’s high-speed fibre technology network helps give businesses the edge, while residents enjoy an excellent quality of life within a sustainable environment.

More than just smart!

However, there’s far more to Lusail than tech. It is one of the most exciting cities in which to live, work and play. Each district offers an array of residential, commercial, hospitality and retail destinations, as well as schools, mosques, hotels, medical facilities, sports venues, entertainment and shopping centres.

1. Visit Crescent Park

With a layout inspired by the desert environment and sand dunes, Crescent Park highlights Lusail’s sustainable living aspirations, with recycled water utilized to irrigate green areas. Themed playgrounds, water features, a football pitch, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, bike trails, food outlets, children’s play areas and access to Marina Promenade make this open space truly a delight.

2. Stroll through Marina Promenade

Ambient and invigorating, the Marina Promenade is ideal for breezy evening strolls under picturesque palm trees. As joggers and cyclists pass by, you may wonder if such scenery exists anywhere else. Enjoy the interactive fountains that capture hearts when illuminated in the evening. Sip a coffee from a stall and savour the rousing backdrop. The Marina itself is resplendent with yachts and outlets serving street bites.

If you happen to be here in early December you might be lucky enough to witness  Light Me Lusail, the annual festival of lights. Watch the skies illuminate in a variety of vivid hues. Absolutely magical.

3. Discover Place Vendôme

As Lusail’s leisure and recreation hub, here you will discover Place Vendôme, the Paris-inspired leisure, entertainment and luxury retail hub. With a canal running through the venue directly from the sea, Place Vendôme is more than an exclusive shopping mall. Two five-star hotels as well as luxury apartments are onsite, while haute cuisine, coffee shops, American fare, Far Eastern delicacies and Italian cuisine await to satisfy discerning palates.

4. Indulge in an ancient sport

To indulge in an ancient sport, try the Lusail Shooting and Archery Club. While the earliest evidence of archery dates to around 12,000 years ago, when Egyptians and Nubians used bows and arrows for hunting and settling conflicts,enthusiasts or the curious can sample it to this day. . Popular with novices and the experienced, the club hosts prestigious local championships featuring Qatar’s finest, this venue hosted events for the 15th Asian Games 2006, Arab Games 2011. The range accommodates Trap, Double Trap and Skeet (clay pigeon) shooting. However, you needn’t be competing in an event to turn up and enjoy a unique experience available nowhere else in Qatar.

5. Visit Lusail Sports Arena

Rated with 3 Global Sustainability Assessment System Stars for design, Lusail Sports Arena, also known as Lusail Multipurpose Hall, is a state-of-the-art venue that hosts handball, volleyball and basketball events, as well as music concerts.

Its distinctive glass structure depicts the sand, pearls and sea of Qatar. The venue is surrounded by trees, jogging and cycling tracks, an outdoor covered gym, and a children’s play area.

The stadium was considered ideal for hosting the 2015 World Men's Handball Championship.  

Don’t forget your camera!

6. Check out Marina Twin Towers

Marina Twin Towers will remind you of colourful Lego blocks, while Waterfront Hotel, often called Cubes Tower, appears to have blocks coming out of the building. Other interesting structures include Lusail's circular suspension bridge, which appears unbelievably amazing when lit up at night.

7. Discover stunning architecture

The stunning architecture you will discover at Katara Towers truly symbolises the progressive Qatar of tomorrow. The destination comprises luxury hotels, apartments, office spaces, retail stores and restaurants, all within in a crescent shape structure that translates the country’s national identity into an amazing architectural landmark. You will notice scimitar swords from Qatar’s national seal designed as a striking pair of arched towers rising 36 photogenic storeys. Katara Towers not only boasts a five-star hotel but also the first six-star hotel in the country.

8. Visit Lusail Iconic Stadium

Finally, the jewel in Lusail City’s crown: Iconic by name and iconic by nature: Lusail Iconic Stadium. Destined to host the World Cup Final, this 86,000-seat marvel was created by world-famous British architects Foster + Partners. The truly iconic design was inspired by the traditional fanar lantern and is embellished with Arab bowls and vessels that reflect the heritage and culture of Qatar. Lusail Iconic Stadium takes sports venues to unprecedented heights.

Eight things to do in Lusail


Residents from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE can visit visa-free. Get fast-track entry at the Abu Samra border and skip the queues at Hamad International Airport with our new Hayya platform. 

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Things to do

Eight things to do in Lusail