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The top public beaches in Qatar

Winter or spring in Qatar means one thing: beach time. Since the weather is ideal for a dip in the sea, we've made a list of the top public beaches where you can enjoy the country's winter sun. Pack some sunscreen and pick your favourite spot of sand in Qatar.

Sealine Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Qatar, Sealine Beach in Mesaieed is ideal for families and groups of friends as it offers a wide variety of activities apart from swimming – like camel riding, safari tours and dune bashing. Moreover, it is a fantastic spot to watch the sunset!

How to get there: Sealine Beach is in the southern part of Qatar – 35 minutes drive from Doha International Airport and 40 minutes from the city of Doha.

Regency Sealine Camp
Regency Sealine Camp

Inland Sea (Khor al Adaid)

Half an hour’s drive through the mesmerizing sand dunes of Mesaieed from Sealine Beach, you will find Qatar's jewel, the Inland Sea. This UNESCO recognized natural reserve is perfect for fishing, camping, or watching the sun dip into the water.

How to to get there: You will need a professional driver to reach the Inland Sea through the sand dunes – you'll be there in 30 minutes from Sealine Beach and about two and a half hours from Doha.

The top public beaches in Qatar

Al Maroona Beach

Golden sand and warm turquoise waters; a beach dream in the northeast of Qatar, just before Fuwairit Beach. Al Maroona is one of Qatar’s most popular beaches, perfect for enjoying a day by the sea. Its fine sand and shallow waters make it a must-visit destination.

How to get there: From Doha to Al Maroona it is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes from Al Shamal Road.

Fuwairit Beach

A pristine natural treasure close to Al Maroona, Fuwairit Beach is stunning; powdery white sand and crystal clear blue waters make this beach an ideal escape for all. It offers exciting beach activities like kitesurfing or beach volleyball, while being an ideal spot to enjoy nature at its best. Between April to July, the beach is also a hatching site for Hawksbill sea turtles.

How to get there: An hour and a half to two hours drive and you will get from Doha to Fuwairit.

The top public beaches in Qatar

Umm Bab Beach

Umm Bab, also known as the "Palm Tree Beach", has taken its names from the small clusters of palm trees scattered around the sand by the beach. Located on Qatar's western coast, Umm Bab is a great camping destination to enjoy a day swimming and a night stargazing.

How to get there: Umm Bab is considered to be a great day trip destination since it's just over an hour drive from Doha.

The top public beaches in Qatar

Katara Beach

Whether you're up for relaxing or enjoying a day of water activities, Katara Beach has it all; boat rides, SUP, water skiing while offering a safe environment for families and beachgoers. Located inside Katara Cultural Village, the beach is one the most easily accessible ones in Doha.

How to get there:  Katara Beach is situated inside Katara Cultural Village on the east coast between West Bay and the Pearl.

The top public beaches in Qatar

Simaisma Beach

A serene paradise near Doha, Simaisma Beach features soft sand and shallow waters, which offer a safe environment for families with kids to enjoy leisure time by the water. Peaceful and clean, it is ideal for long walks and relaxing under the sun.

How to get there: Simaisma beach is around 40km from Doha; a 30-minute drive to reach it.

It is important to highlight that many of Qatar's public beaches are currently under a renovation project. Visitors can still enjoy them; however, it is recommended to bring along necessities, such as beach parasols or cold water. Moreover, access to a few public beaches includes rocky roads, so it is recommended to access them with an appropriate vehicle.

The top public beaches in Qatar

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The top public beaches in Qatar

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The top public beaches in Qatar