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Your Qatar winter guide

Welcome to Qatar, where winter is the most wonderful time of the year! With temperatures dropping to a comfortable and pleasant level, winter is the perfect time to explore this vibrant country and experience exciting activities.

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Must-see destinations and things to do

We’ll take you through all the must-see destinations and activities to help you make the most of your time. So grab a jacket, and let’s dive into all the fun and adventure that awaits you in this unique winter wonderland.

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Discover a rich shopping and dining scene

Qatar is a shopping and culinary paradise. The country boasts some of the world's most luxurious shopping malls and a wide range of high-end and casual restaurants that serve international and Arabic cuisine. 

Get ready for unique experiences! 

Family-friendly adventures in Qatar

Qatar offers a wide range of fun and exciting things to do for all ages! Beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, many theme parks, fantastic museums with interactive exhibits. Get ready for a winter full of family fun!

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Fun activities for all

From outdoor markets and cultural troves to fantastic neighbourhoods and incredible parks, there's always something exciting to see in Qatar.

Guide to Winter Events and Activities in Qatar

See Qatar through the eyes of its people

Find out where the locals eat, shop and recharge in the Qatar Now guidebook, as we go behind the scenes with the artists, innovators and foodies who are shaping Qatar’s culture.

Guide to Winter Events and Activities in Qatar

Visitors get easy entry to Qatar with Hayya

The Hayya platform makes it easy for visitors to experience a seamless entry process on arrival in Qatar.

Guide to Winter Events and Activities in Qatar