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Visit Dahl Al Misfir

Dahl Al Misfir is an ancient natural formation burrowing deep into the ground. 


Dahl Al Misfir

Located west of Doha, in the centre of the peninsula, Dahl Al Misfir is one of Qatar’s most exciting natural sites.  At 40 meters deep, it is considered the largest and deepest, yet accessible cave in Qatar. Formed largely of fibrous gypsum, it sometimes gives off a faint, otherworldly glow.

How to get there?

  • The drive to Dahl Al Misfir involves off-road driving from Salwa Road and Rawdat Rashed Road, best done on a 4x4 vehicle.  

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Dahl Al Misfir attraction


Rawdat Rasid area



Dahl Al Misfir is believed to have been formed 325,000 to 500,000 years ago during the mid-Pleistocene Era.  Known for emitting a moon-like glow, this phosphorescence is the result of gypsum deposits found in the centre of the peninsula.  These give rise to the geological phenomena known as ‘desert roses’ (clusters of roughly rose-shaped gypsum crystals). 

The site is not ticketed, although it is enclosed by a fence. Visitors should dress appropriately as the temperature tends to drop the deeper one goes into the cave.  Footwear suitable for hiking is recommended as the cave comprises of rocks.  

Birdwatchers can look for nightjars, wagtails, bee-eaters, Eurasian hoopoes and more, as they pass through (or sometimes remain in) Qatar enroute to Africa.

Gypsum deposits give off the faint glow Dahl Al Misfir is known for, lending the site an eerie beauty.

Nearby attractions

Aqua Park Qatar is located near the caves, with fun for the entire family, while Khor Al Udeid (the Inland Sea), and the Singing Sand Dunes offer further adventure at this site where the sea enters deep into the desert.

Dahl Al Misfir is in the Rawdat Rasid area, about a 50 minute drive away from central Doha.

Due to the loose rocks and depth of the cave, it is not advisable to visit with small children as they may injure themselves.

It is not necessary to visit with a tour operator, though it is recommended to go on any desert excursion in a 4x4 vehicle.

Since the cave is in the desert, GPS will be required to locate it. Once in the vicinity, look for wire fencing surrounding the site. 

No special equipment is required, though be sure to bring footwear appropriate for hiking, as well as layers, as the cave can get cold as you reach the bottom. 

Useful information


Rawdat Rasid area

Opening times

There are no timings to visit Dahl al Misfir. However, visitors are advised to visit during daylight as there is no electricity in the cave.  

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Dahl Al Misfir attraction