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Feast your eyes on Zekreet limestone escarpment

Instagram-friendly limestone cliffs are a must-see.


Zekreet Limestone

Discover the natural beauty of the desert and the arid wilderness at Zekreet. Dominated by unique mushroom-like limestone rock formations, the area has an otherworldly feel.  One of Qatar’s most popular locations, the limestone formations appear as an umbrella of white chalk and offer a mountain of Instagram-friendly snaps. Strong winds blowing away softer sedimentary rock exposing harder limestone cliffs have created the jaw-dropping formations. These are punctuated by Richard Serra’s stunning East-West/West-East installation.

How to get there?

  • Zekreet is on the west coast about 90 km from central Doha. There is no public transport, so the best way is by 4X4.

Zekreet Limestone


Zekreet, Al-Shahaniya, Qatar



Other attractions include free-roaming oryx, gazelles and flamingoes. One visit and you’ll see why this is one of the most talk-about destinations in the country.

Highlights of your visit

  • Limestone cliffs

  • Oryx and gazelles

  • Film City

The region is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with water for irrigation, grazing grounds and camel farming.

Film City is a replica village built close by that is used for shooting movies. 

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Zekreet, Al-Shahaniya, Qatar

Not to miss

Zekreet Limestone