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Fishing in Qatar

Qatar's warm, shallow, clear waters create ample opportunities for recreational fishing. Tourists and locals alike enjoy this relaxing and scenic pastime. Springtime is especially popular for fishing in Qatar, with tremendous aquatic life under the surface. The country's proximity to the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Bahama offers abundant sea life.

Qatar on the water: take a fresh look

Qatar has a rich history of fishing and pearling in coastal areas. The pearl trade was once the main source of income in Qatar, stretching back thousands of years BC. It has an extensive coastline and its geography includes unspoilt coves, rocky areas and islands, as well as a dramatic inland sea (Khor Al Adaid) surrounded by the desert.

Fishing in Qatar | Catch them all
Fishing in Qatar | Catch them all

Types of fishing experiences in Qatar

Whatever your style, you can find a fishing experience to suit you, with options for enthusiasts and novices. You may want to take a rod and picnic on the beach, or spend all day with a big group out on the ocean wave.

Shore fishing


It’s a pleasure to find a quiet spot for beach fishing in Qatar. You can try land-based fishing at the Corniche waterfront in Doha, choose beaches like the Sealine Beach or stand in the shallows at Halat Umm al Khayfan and enjoy fishing.

Tours/boat fishing

There are angling clubs in Qatar and captains happy to take you on a registered fishing vessel. Lots of boats head out in the Doha Main Navigation Channel. It can get busy, so make sure you’re with an expert who can navigate the waters in a small craft. 

Island fishing 

Al Aaliya Island and Al Safliya Island offer a natural fishing experience and are full of bird species too. Take a look at Banana Island — a private island just a few miles from Doha which gives guests the opportunity to take fishing trips. 

Fishing in Qatar | Catch them all
Fishing in Qatar | Catch them all

Finding Doha fishing tours

If you’re wondering how to find a fishing tour, consider options large and small to see what appeals. Fishing can be combined with other activities like barbeques or camping. You can contact a small operator for a morning or afternoon angling trip, like Youhan Fishing that provides equipment like rods, reels and ice box. Speed boat fishing is an exhilarating way to ride out and see what marine life can be found in deeper waters, with operators like 365Adventures. An authentic option is to fish on a dhow boat that was traditionally used for pearling, with an expert like Ootlah to take you on the open water of the Arabian Gulf. 

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Fishing in Qatar | Catch them all

What are the rules for fishing in Qatar? 

With the right equipment, permits and guidance, fishing in Qatar gives hours of escape to those who want to feel close to nature and reel in a great catch. 

You can arrange your own insurance for your excursion, or it can be arranged through a fishing trip operator. 

Do you need a license to fish in Qatar?

You don’t need a license for recreational fishing, but fishing vessels must be licensed and there are regulations to protect the marine ecosystem. Ask about local guidelines and restrictions to follow.

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Fishing in Qatar | Catch them all