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Al Khor family park & zoo

Get up close to the wildlife of Qatar and discover exotic animals at Al Khor’s newly renovated zoo and family playground. There are many activities for a fun day out, including mini-golf, train rides, basketball and restaurants.

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Al Khor Park

Al Khor Park and Zoo is one of the oldest public parks of Qatar. Just a short drive from Doha, you’ll find vast green spaces with pergolas to enjoy a picnic, playgrounds and train rides for the kids, events at the amphitheatre, plus a museum, mosque and zoo with over 300 animals. 

Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife


Al Khor, Qatar


+974 4426 5050


  • 15 QAR for adults
  • 10 QAR for kids under 10

Get to know animals from around the world

Al Khor Zoo has been designed to give you the closest possible view of fascinating wild animals – as close as 1.5 metres.

Bird aviary

This birdwatcher’s paradise is home to many wild birds like flamingos, geese and ducks, plus exotic species like Macau, parrots, lovebirds, peacocks, ibis, ostriches and Ethiopian chickens.

Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife
Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife


The primate section is where chimpanzees, baboons, capuchin, vervets and rhesus monkeys hang out. All animals are looked after with the utmost care by qualified veterinary doctors and a full medical crew.

Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife
Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife


At an artificial lake, visitors can view many crocodile species from a safe distance.

Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife

Giraffes and rhinos 

Get a taste of Africa when you meet zebras, giraffes and rhinos, plus take a look at gazelles, deer, dwarf goats and more. 

Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife
Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife

Family-friendly things to do at the park 

Al Khor Park and Zoo is a favourite with tourists and locals for its wide range of play areas and green spaces where you can relax with the whole family. Here are a few ways to spend your day at the park.

Visit the Middle East’s first panda park at neighbouring Al Khor Family Park

Say hello to the giant pandas Suhail and Thuraya and enjoy amazing entertainment at this family-oriented venue.

Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife

More great places to see near Al Khor Park and Zoo

If you’re taking a day trip to Al Khor, stay at a nearby beach resort, explore Purple Island and get some retail therapy at Al Khor Mall.

Questions about Al Khor Park and Zoo?

The park is 50 km from Doha and will take around 40 minutes by car. There are also local bus stops nearby.

Al Khor Park and Zoo is open 7 days a week: 8:00 to 22:00 daily, and the zoo is open from 8:00 to 18:00.

The Park's entry tickets can be bought from select Al Meera branches (Airport, Hyatt Plaza, Gulf Mall, Al Thakhira, Al Khor, Al Wakrah, Al Shamal, Al Mansoura), saving guests time at the park's ticket desk. The prices are QAR 15 for adults and QAR 10 for children under the age of ten. Panda Park tickets can be bought on the Oun app – more info here.

Located in Al Shamal Road Towards Al Khor City, reaching the Al Khor park is easy. By car or taxi it’s only a 10-minute drive from Al Khor. There is an excellent parking facility available for visitors with 700 parking bays.  

Yes, there is plenty of parking available – 700 parking bays.  

On Tuesdays, the park is reserved solely for women and children. Occasionally, there are also cultural gatherings organised at the Al Khor Park & Zoo.

Useful information


Al Khor, Qatar

Opening times


8:00 to 22:00 daily

Zoo: 8:00 to 18:00 pm

Tuesdays for women and children only

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Al Khor family park & zoo | Rare wildlife