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Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park

Meet the Pandas


Panda Park

Visit the Panda Park to meet Qatar’s newest resident giant pandas and enjoy amazing entertainment options at the family-oriented venue. Situated 50 kilometres north of Doha city, the Panda habitat was built in 2021 that included medical safety, precisely controlled humidity levels and air-conditioning systems to accommodate Middle East's first Panda pair. 

Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park


Al Khor, Qatar




  • Adults - QAR 50
  • Children under 14 years - QAR 25


Al Khor Panda Park

Come meet the world’s cutest animals - pandas, in Qatar at the Al Khor Panda Park. The first of its kind in the Middle East, Panda Park is all set to welcome all Panda-enthusiasts to visit two giant pandas namely Soraya and Suhail who have arrived from China on the occasion of the big sporting event to happen this winter. The gorgeous stretch of the Panda House park comprises about 464 trees and 2, 814 bamboo plants. 

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Visitors can access the Panda House from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • Scientific name

    Ailuropoda melanoleuca

  • Diet

    Omnivorous; bamboo counts for 99% of their diet

  • Average weight

    between 75kg and 135kg

  • Speed

    32 kilometers an hour

Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park

Explore all the Al Khor park and its highlights

There’s a zoo, museum, skating area, mini-golf, basketball court, children’s play area, food kiosks, and an amphitheatre.

Al Khor Park is located in Al Khor City

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