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Qatar’s Panda House

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Visitors can enter the Panda House from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 

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Note: The Panda House is separate from Al Khor Family Park next door and has different opening times. If you’d like to visit that too, you can book tickets using the same app.

Visit Middle East’s first ever panda park to meet our newest resident giant pandas and find amazing entertainment at neighbouring Al Khor Family Park.


Panda House at Al Khor

Just 50 km north of Doha you’ll get up close to two lovable pandas living in a spacious custom-built panda house. The pandas live in supreme comfort inside this magnificent enclosure – one of the largest in the world. Caretakers look after their well-being around the clock and communicate with them in Mandarin and English. Staff are also learning the Sichuan dialect to make the first pandas in Qatar feel at home. 

Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park


Al Khor, Qatar





  • Adults - QAR 50
  • Children under 14 - QAR 25
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Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park
  • Scientific name

    Ailuropoda melanoleuca

  • Diet

    Omnivorous; bamboo counts for 99% of their diet

  • Average weight

    between 75kg and 135kg

  • Speed

    32 kilometers an hour

Meet the pandas

Come meet the world’s cutest panda bears in Qatar at the Al Khor Panda Park. The first of its kind in the Middle East, Panda Park has a spacious viewing atrium where panda enthusiasts can watch two giant pandas named Thuraya and Suhail.

Travelling from Sichuan to Doha


The giant pandas were born in the Wolong Panda Reserve – a conservation centre in China’s southwest Sichuan Province. They travelled securely from China to Hamad International Airport in custom-built crates. The pair first arrived on 18 October 2022 as a gift from China to commemorate the hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. They underwent a quarantine of 21 days with their keepers before they could meet the public. Qatar became the first Middle Eastern country to receive Chinese giant pandas.

Two mates named after the stars


The male panda was born on 19 September 2019 and received the name ’Suhail’ – one of the brightest stars visible in the Gulf region. The female panda was born on 26 July 2019 and was given the name ‘Thuraya’ – the name of the Pleiades star cluster. Both these names have great meaning in Qatari culture. Suhail weighs 130 kg and is four years old, while his female partner weighs 70 kg and is three years old. 

Meals of bamboo, vegetables and pancakes

Every week, Al Khor Zoo airlifts 1000 kg of bamboo from the giant pandas' hometown, Sichuan Province of Southwest China, to keep them well-fed. While bamboo makes up 99% of a panda's diet, they also enjoy carrots, apples and traditional Chinese pancakes made from an ancient recipe.

Luxurious custom-built panda home


Panda Park was designed to mimic the Minshan mountains of their homeland – the Chinese province of Sichuan. The two giant pandas will enjoy an air-conditioned sports ground, an indoor exhibition hall and separate bedrooms. The habitat also facilitates medical safety features, precisely controlled humidity levels and air-conditioning. There are swimming ponds, several play platforms, interactive landscapes, nursery facilities and a dedicated hospital for pandas. 

The resident panda experts here prepare everything in compliance with international standards and regulations of the Chinese authorities, Qatar and WAZA. China and Qatar signed a cooperation agreement on giant panda conservation and research to promote the conservation of endangered species and biodiversity.

A haven for panda lovers


Besides the spacious indoor viewing decks, the park has a garden pathway, outdoor booths, sculptural gardens, a bamboo forest trail and an audio-visual tower. You can stock up on panda souvenirs at the gift shop, enjoy something to eat at the café and make use of the prayer rooms. From Panda House, there is a connecting door to Al Khor Family Park and Zoo.

Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park
Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park

See inside the Panda Park

Take a tour of the peaceful Panda Park facilities and see what you’ll discover inside.

Al Khor Family Park and Zoo

Enjoy a full day of fun at Al Khor Park and Zoo next door (separate tickets and opening times). There are wild animals, a waterfall, museum, skating area, mini-golf, basketball court, children’s play area, amphitheatre and more. You’ll find food kiosks and plenty of parking with up to 300 spaces for visitors. Opening hours are 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM and please note that on Tuesdays, only women and children can enter the park.

Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park

Visitors get easy entry to Qatar with Hayya

The Hayya platform makes it easy for visitors to experience a seamless entry process on arrival in Qatar.

Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park

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Visit the Middle East's first Panda Park