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Hawksbill turtle spotting in Qatar

Experience turtle spotting at the pristine shores of the Fuwairit beach in Qatar

The idyllic setting of the Fuwairit beach has been gaining popularity in the past decade for the habitation of three different species of sea turtles that roam the region’s waters, particularly for the beautiful hawksbill turtle. The hawksbill turtle feeds on a plethora of marine delicacies available here, making it their favourite breeding spot in the country. These amber-coloured shelled turtles arrive each year, with unfailing regularity, to nest on the region’s shores, creating a compelling spectacle of emerging hatchlings. 

Hawksbill turtle spotting in Qatar

The hawksbill sea turtles, recognized as critically endangered are known to aid the sustenance of healthy coral reefs and maintain the marine ecosystem. These turtles linger around the coastlines and prefer to live in tropical waters. They’re highly migratory and are spotted in Qatar during the early summer months for the turtle nesting season. While hawksbill turtles are spotted on various beaches in Qatar, the Fuwairit beach’s atmosphere and soft sand create the most perfect nesting hub.   

Animal facts

  • Speed

    Up to 24 km/h through water

  • Conservation status

    Critically endangered

  • Diet


Qatar as a country focuses on the conservation of its wildlife and has taken meticulous measures to facilitate the breeding of the endangered hawksbill turtles via the Turtle Conservation Project to conduct studies, monitor the turtles’ movements and take preventive measures to protect the nests that incubate the eggs in the warm sand. The hawksbill turtles lay around 60 to 200 eggs during the nesting season wherein they pick a spot, dig a hole to lay the eggs and return back to the sea on covering the eggs with sand. When the need arises, these eggs are transferred to safer nests and protected until the hatchlings emerge. 

Every year during spring (starting in April), the Qatar Ministry of Environment closes the beach to allow for the female hawksbill to lay eggs without any danger of prying predators. The nesting area is fenced and closed to the public as the Fuwairit beach alone accommodates close to 30% of all sea turtle nests in the country. A designated area of the beach is accessible for visitors who’d love to get here for the sun and sand. Enjoy the unique experience of watching these tiny hawksbill turtle hatchlings scurry down to the waters from the sand during the later summer months once the beach is opened. 

Where to find them?

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Al Ghariyah, Qatar

The nesting season of the Hawksbill turtles offer travellers great wildlife photography opportunities. 

Hawksbill turtle spotting in Qatar

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An amazing experience - as surreal as it gets. Loved it. 

Hawksbill turtle spotting in Qatar
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Hawksbill turtle spotting in Qatar