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World Aquatics Championship 2024

This season, dive into the World Aquatics Championship in Doha. Elite athletes will stand shoulder to shoulder in swimming and diving events as well as high diving, artistic swimming, water polo and open water swimming. This flagship event comes to Qatar for the first time, following the success of many World Aquatics events.

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The championship is set to take place at three incredible venues in and around Doha - the Aspire Dome, diving events at Hamad Aquatic Centre, and high diving at Old Doha Port. Book your tickets to witness the aquatics events live in Qatar. 

Note: The event will be paperless. Hence it is crucial to have e-tickets downloaded on your mobile device for entry. 

All are welcome: Open Water competitions will take place at Old Doha Port for everyone to watch for free.


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Feel the thrill

Moment on an Olympic journey

This major international sporting event will showcase the world’s best aquatics athletes on their journeys to world titles and Olympic adventures. Finishing just 159 days before the opening of the Paris Olympic Games 2024, the World Aquatics Championships in Doha will give leading swimmers a timely opportunity to showcase their talent on a championship stage. 

With just nine months to go before the Olympic Games in Paris, this will be an incredibly important time for athletes looking to earn qualification.

2024 World Aquatics Championships Doha Qatar | Tickets and Information
Husain Al-Musallam President of FINA (International Swimming Federation)

Schedule of the World Aquatics Championships 2024 — where and when

Opening ceremony

2 February 2024 (The Aspire Dome)

Artistic swimming

Friday 2 - Saturday 10 February (The Aspire Dome)


Friday 2 - Saturday 10 February (Hamad Aquatic Centre)

Open Water Swimming

Saturday 3 - Thursday 8 February (Old Doha Port)

Water Polo

Sunday 4 - Saturday 17 February (The Aspire Dome)


Sunday 11 - Sunday 18 February (The Aspire Dome)

High Diving

Tuesday 13 - Thursday 15 February (Old Doha Port)

Closing ceremony

Sunday 18 February 2024 (The Aspire Dome)

Aquatic disciplines of drama and daring

The six sports in the World Aquatics Championships 2024 in Doha are highly diverse and adrenaline-filled. Athletes will twist, turn and splash in Doha’s cutting-edge sports arenas, as well as the open sea.

Artistic Swimming


Athletes demonstrate their mastery of a myriad of skills in creative routines — often while holding their breath. 


Springing into action, athletes have just seconds to complete their mid-air motions and enter the water accurately. 


Men and women compete across four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Medleys and relays add exciting variety.

High diving

High divers reach speeds of nearly 90 kph when executing their exhilarating dives. Women launch from 20m and men from 27m.

Water Polo

Highly intense water polo teams have seven members who compete to score goals in dramatic 8-minute quarters.

Open Water Swimming

Takes place in natural bodies of water like the ocean, where open-water swimmers face unpredictable natural conditions.

Hotels and attractions close to the swimming action

Much of the championship will unfold at The Aspire Dome, and its neighbouring Hamad Aquatic Centre. This Sports City area lies in Doha’s Baaya district and offers a choice of hotels. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the canal at Villagio Mall, and take a trip to Doha Port and the Corniche to experience the sparkling skyline of this city that meets the water


2024 World Aquatics Championships Doha Qatar | Tickets and Information