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Formula 1 Ooredoo Qatar Grand Prix 2021

Formula 1 Ooredoo Qatar Grand Prix 2021

Qatar successfully hosted the inaugural 2021 Formula 1 Ooredoo Qatar Grand Prix creating an unforgettable experience of Formula 1 racing. The 20th event of the 2021 season was celebrated at the Losail International Circuit which ran its first-ever F1 Grand Prix (GP) race in November.  

The F1 season will end with a Middle Eastern run, with Saudi Arabia’s first race followed by a race in the United Arab Emirates in December 2021.

Highlights of the Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix at Losail International Circuit

Lewis Hamilton wins inaugural Qatar F1 Grand Prix. Click here to view the highlights of the event. 

Qatar is proud to have signed the 10-year deal to join the F1 calendar from the year 2023.

The Formula 1 Ooredoo Qatar Grand Prix 2021 is one of the most spectacular events the world is looking forward to. The race is to take place under the floodlights of the extravagant Losail International Circuit, situated around 30 km outside the ever evolving capital city of Doha.

The official ticket packages for the event included perks such as grandstand seating or all-inclusive trackside hospitality plus a host of insider benefits only available with F1 Experiences.

A sneak peek into the Losail International Circuit

About Losail International Circuit

Losail International Circuit is situated 22 miles north of Qatar’s capital city, Doha. The circuit opened its doors in 2004, and in 2007, added permanent floodlights to facilitate evening races. 

Losail International Circuit is 5.38 km in length with a total of 16 turns (10 right turns and 6 left turns). The main straight on the circuit is just over a kilometre long, providing the circuit’s only F1 DRS zone, and allowing cars to reach speeds over 220km/h on race day. The tight right-hander into turn one provides the best opportunity for cars to overtake, while an almost flat-out triple right-hand apex in turns 12 through to 14 are likely to be challenging on tyres. 

The capacity for the Formula 1 race is expected to be in excess of 35,000. 

Sample package inclusions

Race tickets and other perks may include

  • Paddock Club Hospitality

  • Guided Paddock Access

  • Exclusive Pit Lane Walk

F1 will race in Qatar for the first time on November 19-21. Qatar will also join the F1 calendar in a 10-year deal from 2023.

F1 confirmed on Twitter

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, a variety of food and beverage options will be available to accommodate a wide range of preferences.

While parking will be available to spectators the number of slots might be limited. Usage of public transport and car-pooling is encouraged as much as possible. Plan an early arrival to avoid traffic congestion around the circuit and the parking areas. 

Yes, there will be a fan zone located behind the Main Grandstand, accessible to spectators who hold tickets for the Main Grandstand: Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, as well as the North Grandstand.

Losail Club and Corner 10 Grandstand will have their own smaller fan zones with food, beverages and a range of activities.

Qatar is relatively relaxed around dress, although it’s recommended for both men and women to cover their shoulders and knees. Click here for more details on insider tips for visiting Doha.

Things to consider

Realtime event updates are best found via Formula1 or @losailcircuit.

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Formula 1 Ooredoo Qatar Grand Prix 2021

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