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Offers and events during Ramadan 2024

Ramadan in Qatar 2024 - Offers and Events

Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with your near and dear ones in Qatar. From spiritually enriching experiences and the joy of giving to gathering over Iftar and reconnecting with your loved ones, the holy month has something for everyone.

Pick and choose your favourites from our handpicked offers and exclusive deals on Iftar, suhoor and Ramadan staycations to make this month even more special. 

Events lined up in Qatar during Ramadan

A host of events and festivities are taking place, bringing people together to honour Ramadan.

Ramadan in Qatar 2024 | Offers and Events

Ramadan traditions of sunlight & spirituality

Discover the traditions of Ramadan in Qatar and learn more about the events, the dos and don'ts of fasting and feasting and beyond, to honour the culture and traditions of Ramadan in Qatar. 

Ramadan in Qatar 2024 | Offers and Events

Eid traditions in Qatar

Sample the traditions, songs and festivities that make Eid such a favourite for children, parents and the whole community. As well as quiet time with the family, there are shows and events in malls and public spaces that you can get involved in.

Ramadan in Qatar 2024 | Offers and Events