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Throwback Food Festival

Embark on a journey through time at the Throwback Food Festival in Qatar, where each experience unfolds a story from the past. 

A tapestry of tradition 

Set against the storied backdrop of the Old Mina District, this festival is a heartfelt homage to the enduring traditions that have woven the fabric of our communal heritage. Don’t miss the chance to spend time with family and friends, sampling a variety of cuisines from local restaurants.

Embark on a journey

Culinary highlights

Beirut restaurant  


Sidheeque Juice Stall  

Omar Al Khayam  


Palestine Cafeteria  

Al Zarka scene

Orange kiosk

Baradat Saida

Rex Restaurant

Shujaa Restaurant


Pakistan Sweets

Events lined up in Qatar during Ramadan

A host of events and festivities are taking place, bringing people together to honour Ramadan.

Cultural activities and culinary treats in the Mina District

The picture-perfect Mina District is a charming backdrop for the festival. Wander its colourful streets, pop in at the fish market and dine at over 50 restaurants. Here are some ideas to plan your visit.

Have any questions about the Mina District?

Located on the Doha Corniche, the Mina District is accessible via car, taxi, or ride hailing apps. Alternatively, the Mina District is a 20-minute walk from the National Museum Metro station which can be reached via the Gold Line.

Doha airport is only about 20 minutes by taxi from the Mina District.

There is ample parking available right outside the Mina District and at Box Park.

The Mina District was previously known as Old Doha Port but has been renovated to become an attractive tourist destination.

Useful information


Doha Port
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