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Experience the thrills of Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park

A splashing good time to be had by all


Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park

The Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park is located at the heart of Salwa beach resort, situated in the southern region of Qatar near the Saudi Arabian border. With over 25 rides, slides and attractions such as the Whizzard Mat Racer, King Cobra and Ship Kids Pool to name a few, this park is one you must not miss while on your holiday in Qatar.

Situated off Salwa Road in the Abu Samra district south-west of the capital, Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park is waiting to be discovered. Featuring 56 slides and rides, and 18 attractions, it is the most exciting aqua adventure playground in Qatar.

There’s a souq selling all kinds of swimming essentials, while dining options involve numerous restaurants, kiosks, food trucks and authentic Made in Qatar delicacies.

Bring your family for a whopping 57,000 square metres of the most fun, thrills and excitement anywhere on the planet. 

Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park
Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park

Highlights of your visit

  • King Cobra

  • Desert adventures

  • Surfing Dunes

  • Luxuriant accommodation

  • Superlative dining options

Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park is one of the largest theme parks in the entire Middle East. 

Adventure highlights

A strategic, innovative and adrenaline- pumping game zone perfect for families, groups & friends. The must-try rides and slides are themed around

  • Extreme rush
  • Family adventure
  • Young adventurers
  • Ride & chill 


Experiences you cannot miss

  • Nimr Laser Tag

  • Desert Street Circuit

  • Desert Falls Canyoning

  • Oasis Marine World Diving Experience

Try twisting and turning through tubes before splashing in a pool on Inner Tube Slides. Featuring sculptures of Oryx pouring water, Lenny's Lagoon is an exciting children’s pool and water playground. Imagine an exhilarating twin-tube that takes you straight to the mouth of a giant snake. That’s King Cobra. The water flowing from the mounds at Falls Pool creates stimulating waterfall sounds as kids have fun splashing their way through. 

Desert Street Circuit is a go-karter’s dream. For adults and kids, the circuit makes you feel as though you’re racing through a city. The amazing Ship Kids Pool features five water slides and is ideal for youngsters. A great race challenge is to slide down head first with your friends into a big splash on the Whizzard Mat Racer. If you like surfing, try Surfing Dunes, a simulator that gives you a buzz like you’re actually on a board out at sea. And how about the adrenaline rush of twisting and spinning in a bowl on the Super Bowl experience?

We hasten to add that Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park promises more than the most incredible thrills you will ever encounter.

Hilton Salwa Beach Resort: From beautifully appointed Arabesque guest rooms, generously sized suites or a sumptuous beach villa with private gardens, stunning sea views and an outdoor terrace with access to the beach, your stay at this luxuriant destination promises full access to the Adventure Park.

Cuisine: Exotic and immersive dining experiences await your discerning palate. Indulge in Italian, Mediterranean, Arabic and Asian delicacies, exquisitely prepared by passionate chefs.

Experiences: Explore magical moments in the desert specially curated for you. Savour Instagrammable views of golden dunes and crystalline seas.

Spa: Treat your spirit to the thrills it deserves. Soothe your soul on a transformative and restorative excursion through ancient and modern therapies. 

Useful information


Salwa Road, towards Bu Samra, exit 86

Opening times

Every day: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

Not to miss

Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park