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Get a taste of traditional Qatari culture at Embrace Doha

Embrace Doha works towards showcasing Qatari culture and heritage to non-locals. 

The house also functions as a majlis for guests to have an authentic Qatari experience. A majlis is a sitting room where people can openly and comfortably talk about cultural differences, family issues and politics.


Embrace Doha

Embrace Doha, an independent women-run cultural house based in Souq Al Wakrah, welcomes you to enjoy a series of experiences and workshops about authentic Qatari culture. 

How to get there?

  • Drive to Souq Al Wakra Parking lot. Walk to zone 4 house 157.

  • Take the Red line to Al Wakra station. Take bus 127 from the Al Wakra Metro Station until Souq Al Wakra stop. Walk inside the souq to Zone 4 House 157.

Get a taste of traditional Qatari culture at Embrace Doha


Souq Al Wakrah, Doha, Qatar


+974 5006 4472



Embrace Doha hosts cultural sessions that incite discussion about all aspects of Qatari culture and society. From why the thobe is white and the abaya is black to what the majlis etiquette is and how hosts and guests communicate through the secret language of the coffee cup (finjan). During the cultural session, guests will try traditional clothes and practice local greetings to further experience and understand the Qatari culture. 

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Moreover, Embrace Doha hosts several workshops, the most popular being the Bakhoor mixing, where guests learn about the traditional art of making incense (bakhoor). They will mix their own fragrance while learning about the origins and uses of bakhoor in the region. 

The Sadu weaving workshops are intertwined with a history lesson. Guests will learn directly from the original architects of the desert, the bedouin women. They will leave with a mini panel of sadu and a deep appreciation of the work that goes into making a majlis. 

In Qatari culture, people make use of every resource available to them. In the handcrafted leather workshop, you will learn how to make your own leather object, recreating the rich traditions of leather crafting that our country is known for. To ensure that sustainability is a priority, we only use offcuts and scrap leather from luxury leather suppliers. 

Highlights of your visit

  • Various workshops

  • Majlis

  • Local experiences

For coffee lovers, the traditional coffee ceremony is the perfect choice! Guests will learn about coffee's history and the traditions surrounding the signature golden drink of Qahwa, spiced Arabic coffee. Guests will get the full majlis experience whilst enjoying coffee and dates.


As a cultural house, Embrace Doha has something for everyone to enjoy. 

This Doha venue is wheelchair accessible, and accessible public restrooms are only a 2-minute walk away. 

If you need any special arrangements made before your booking, please get in touch with

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Souq Al Wakrah, Doha, Qatar
Get a taste of traditional Qatari culture at Embrace Doha