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Delicious dates of Qatar

Dates are both a humble stone fruit and a cultural treasure in the State of Qatar. As the national fruit, dates are well-loved in the country. The fruit is honoured with an exciting annual local dates festival and is widely used as part of the Qatari hospitality. 

A taste of the Qatari culture

When you visit Doha, make sure you sink your teeth into some sweet, sticky dates. They’re a local delicacy enjoyed fresh, dried and processed. The fruit bursts with natural sugars and becomes a beautiful tan-brown in the hot sun. Doha dates are a part of daily life here and are often served with coffee as a symbol of hospitality.

Life tastes sweet with dates

Dates are eternally popular in the Middle East for a myriad of reasons. In Islamic tradition, dates are believed to be strengthening for body and mind, and are consumed and distributed particularly during the Holy month of Ramadan. As well as being a versatile fruit that’s suitable for preserving, they’re jam-packed with goodness and thrive in a warm and dry climate.


Treat your palate to a few varieties of dates grown in Qatar, which greatly differ in appearance, taste and texture. You can try:  
Khalas, Shishi, Barhi, Zahidi, Khudri, Al Sufawi, Sufri, Khunaizi, Sukkari, Nabut Saif, Silji and more!


You can pick dates from date palms and pop them straight in your mouth. Of course, they’re often preserved too. You’ll find date syrup served with beverages in Qatar, and maamoul (butter cookies filled with date paste) are a favourite in the Arab world. Dates are even served in slushy drinks, stuffed with nuts, mixed into desserts and rolled into crispy balls.


Health-enhancing dates have long been used in folk medicine. They’re fat-free, naturally sweet and a good source of energy. It’s easy to see why they are used to break the fast in Ramadan. These precious fruits are also low in calories and high in protein and dietary fibre. 


In the sunny land of Qatar, dates are the most important agricultural crop. The country has achieved over 88% self-sufficiency in dates thanks to the support of the Agricultural Affairs Department of the Ministry of Municipality to local farmers.

Go harvesting at Heenat Salma Farm

Join in the date harvest, from June to October, and even learn the basics of palmer weaving.  

Dates | Experience the Sweetness of Qatar
Dates | Experience the Sweetness of Qatar

Local Dates Festival

During the summer, dates are put in the spotlight. The Local Dates Festival in Qatar is the time for local farmers to showcase their finest dates and date products like smoothies and jams. It takes place at the end of July and is a chance to discover the rare varieties.

Where to shop for dates

Wondering where to buy the best dates in Doha? A trip to Qatar isn’t complete without shopping for the local fruit, which is an ideal souvenir for travellers to take home due to its long shelf life. Treat yourself to an appetising selection.

Follow the trail of tradition

Dates | Experience the Sweetness of Qatar