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Find a bank

Opening a bank account is relatively easy in Qatar. There are certain documents you will need to provide, which may vary from bank to bank but will include your passport, a copy of your visa page, passport photographs and a filled-out and signed application form. There are 18 licensed banks in Qatar, 11 of which are Qatar-owned, seven of which are foreign banks Qatar National Bank is the biggest bank overall, while Qatar Islamic Bank is the largest Islamic bank in the country. Banks are easy to access, with plenty of branches and ATMs, and all banks in Qatar offer services in English and Arabic. 

Opening an account is quick and efficient, but it might take a few days to get set up, so make sure to have enough cash to last until your account is open. You can withdraw cash using an international bank card at any ATM in Qatar, but there will be a charge for the transaction. International debit or credit cards can also be used for larger purchases (more than QAR25).

The main banks in Qatar offering specific student accounts are:

Find a bank