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Oud in Qatar

Discover Qatar’s captivating signature scent – the distinctive aroma of oud. The aromatic essence comes from dark and fragrant agarwood, that holds a special place in the Arab traditions and culture.

The origin of Oud in Qatar

Derived from the Southeast Asian agar (Aquilaria) tree, oud’s journey begins in the wood. When a tree is infected with a particular type of mould, it produces a mysterious, sweet resin called ‘liquid gold’ to protect itself. In older trees, the quality and cost of the resin can soar, with some oud requiring centuries of maturity to yield a profoundly fragrant resin. Oud in Qatar is sold and used in many forms, including bukhoor wood chips, oil-based oud and even carvings and prayer beads. Bukhoor powder serves as incense and oud is combined with other fragrances like Indian rose and orange flowers.

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Arabian culture of oud

Agarwood and its derivatives, oud and bukhoor, hold profound significance in Qatari culture. The scent is entwined in rituals, social gatherings and religious ceremonies. It’s known to purify the air, bring a sense of harmony and even cleanse the body.

Bukhoor traditions

Bukhoor is a perfumed wood chip (usually Agarwood) soaked in oil and burned in beautiful burners. It is said that prayers rise with the aromatic smoke. 

Bukhoor is believed to create a tranquil ambience and connect people to their heritage. The age-old ritual of burning bukhoor brings sanctity to religious ceremonies and touches every part of life.

Agarwood | Discover Oud in Qatar
Agarwood | Discover Oud in Qatar

Oud in perfumery

Oud is an aromatic wood extract more expensive than gold and plays a key role in Middle Eastern perfumery. It’s coveted for its intricate scent, which evolves over hours to create a mysterious fragrance trail. Sweet, earthy notes are combined with musk and amber in a symphony of scent. 
With its undeniable air of mystique, oud is used in the production of many perfumes, attesting to its global allure and enduring presence in the realm of luxury fragrance.

Agarwood | Discover Oud in Qatar

The story of oud

Unravel the mystery behind exquisite oud perfume in Qatar. Discover why its sweet aroma is valued so dearly in Doha and throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

Where to buy oud in Qatar

Oud perfume and incense are readily available throughout Qatar. For the most enriching and authentic shopping experience, look no further than the iconic Souq Waqif in the heart of Doha. This bustling market embodies the essence of Qatar’s cultural heritage and will present you with high-quality oud products in a traditional setting.

Follow the trail of tradition

Agarwood | Discover Oud in Qatar