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The top 10 things to do with kids in Qatar

From spectacular wildlife scenes and outdoor adventures to enriching activities in museums and theme parks, Qatar knows how to keep kids entertained.

1.    Spend a day at the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park

Located in Salwa Beach Resort & Villas, this is one of the largest theme parks in the Middle East, with more than 50 rides and slides and 18 attractions that will engage kids in the most amusing way. In addition, the Park has various pools, plenty of water activities, and go-kart facilities that will offer an adrenaline-fueled experience for kids and adults.

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2.    Explore the fantastic world of Doha Quest

The one-of-a-kind Quest will undoubtedly fascinate young visitors. It hosts the Epic Coaster,  the world’s tallest indoor roller coaster, at a record-breaking height of 56.736m, and Magma Blast, the world’s tallest indoor drop tower, at a record-breaking height of 56.409m. Moreover, guests can enjoy unique rides, attractions, and food and beverage options.

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3.    Take a family tour at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA).

Ask your children to find various objects in the Museum’s galleries, help them answer the questions and enjoy an educational and creative tour.

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4.    Visit Al Khor Park

Al Khor Park is a great place for kids to engage with animals and enjoy fun activities. It offers green spaces, a waterfall and a zoo with animals such as zebras, oryxes and exotic birds. Moreover, it has a miniature golf club, a skating area, a basketball court and plenty of restaurants to satisfy cravings. 


5.    Wander at the National Museum of Qatar

The Museum has very child-friendly exhibits, with innovative audio-visual techniques and interactive technologies as well as various activities encouraging kids to discover more about objects using their senses. There are also educational areas that urge children to explore the environment and discover local flora and fauna in a creative and fun way.

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6.    Visit Katara Hills

One of the most beautiful parks in Qatar, Katara Hills can be described as a green lung in the city. Kids will be mesmerized by the delightful gardens and will enjoy a day in nature. 

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The top 10 things to do with kids in Qatar
The top 10 things to do with kids in Qatar

7. Celebrate local products at Torba market

Located within the beautiful Ceremonial Court in Education City, Torba market is a celebration of ethically-made and sustainable products. Many delicacies are vegetarian or vegan, and kids can enjoy super healthy and delicious treats. Moreover, there is a beautiful park where children can run and play.

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8. Enter the fascinating world of illusions at the Museum of Illusions

Let kids enter a world of captivating illusions and discover amazing things about the human brain, perception, science, vision and how all these are interconnected. 

The Museum presents various interactive activities, along with educational games. Important note: It is recommended for kids to touch the installations for the full experience!

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9. Go on a desert safari

One of the most exciting adventures in Qatar, a desert safari is tremendous fun - adrenaline-inducing and ideal for making family memories. Hit the dunes with your kids, let them ride a camel, get that excitement flowing and later, enjoy a barbeque dinner in an epic desert location. 

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10. Spend a creative and educational day at the Baladna Park

Playgrounds, sports zones, bumper boats, and a zoo with beautiful creatures await kids at Baladna Park. Wear comfortable clothes and get ready for a day full of fun and creativity. 

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  • Various fun and educational activities

  • Adventures and parks

  • Ethically-made delicacies

The top 10 things to do with kids in Qatar

The kids’ top 20 

Kids of Qatar show us the places they love to play, explore and eat in the country. Kids, locals and expats, enthusiastically share their favourite spots around Qatar and reveal the perfect places for young explorers.

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The top 10 things to do with kids in Qatar