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The top desert and air activities for families in Qatar

The picturesque skyline of downtown Qatar reveals just a little of what the country has to offer. While the capital Doha is exciting, journeys out of town to indulge in popular activities such as kayaking, paragliding, cave exploring, and spotting flamingos create lasting memories. So too does splashing about in safe, pristine beaches, riding over rolling dunes and camping under the stars. 

Start with some rollercoaster-style dune bashing. With views of the Arabian Gulf on one side and endless desert on the other, there's nothing quite like dune bashing. 

Desert decisions

In days gone by, Bedouin tribes largely engaged in trade, moving from place to place as they conducted business.  They would set up camp and graze their animals, and this tradition of camping remains an integral part of Qatari culture.  

While travel through the desert was once conducted on camels, modern day safaris are carried out by expert drivers in modern 4X4s.  On the way to the desert, marvel at the cityscape, and watch the suburbs recede into the distance as the expansive desert comes into view. Photo opportunities abound as you arrive at a Bedouin camp. Your thoughts will go into overdrive as you imagine the life of Qatari folk hundreds of years ago.

Spending quality time in the enchanting, storied desert is nothing short of a voyage of discovery. All-encompassing natural beauty, fantastic adventures and experiencing a new culture all come with the sandy, action-packed territory. Here is how families get familiar with the country that has so much to offer.

The top desert activities

The top air activities

The top desert and air activities for families in Qatar

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The top desert and air activities for families in Qatar