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Qatar with kids: A 5-day itinerary

Five days and a million memories

Emerging from the mainland and into the Arabian Gulf, Qatar is known for glittering skyscrapers and hundreds of miles of pristine coastline. A peninsula that adheres to its Bedouin heritage, Qatar features lush green parks, countless options for adventure, and an abundance of cultural experiences that children and parents simply adore. 

Qatar is truly a family-friendly destination, with a number of entertainment hubs and a wide range of fun activities to keep everyone occupied.

Feel free to embrace Qatari culture with a casual stroll through the country's old style souqs. You will be amazed by stalls packed with goods from around the world, and stacks of dried petals, aromatic spices and dry fruit.

Bring the children for a short break, and you be spoilt for choice. Here, in no particular order, are some of our favourite spots. For guaranteed sunshine, fun, superb accommodation, magical moments and total tranquillity, all paths lead to Qatar.

Day 1

Souq Waqif

For centuries, this  has been the site of a souq or traditional market, where Bedouins took wool and animals to trade. Today, Souq Waqif enthrals mums, dads and kids with cultural performances, costume parades, games and camel rides.

A wide variety of dining outlets in the souq are on hand to satisfy kids' desires, with colourful gelato, pizzas, burgers, and delicious ice creams from Turkish stands. Parents are happy to enjoy their meal while kids scamper around in safe play spaces. Watch your kids' eyes fill with excitement as they marvel at glass-blown ornaments, then take them along to the horse stables located in the heart of the souq. 

You may even catch the 'Donkey Man' offering rides to children before letting the kids unleash their creativity, making bracelets and necklaces out of coloured beads and decorative boxes. All this while you seek out shoes, antiques and handicrafts at discount prices and sample traditional perfumes such as oud, musk, kohl and argan oil. Mums are often tempted to have a henna tattoo before leaving.

Museum of Islamic Art

Family holidays can be educational, too. Known for its stunning design and idyllic seafront location, the Museum of Islamic Art houses a massive collection of artefacts from across the Islamic world. 

While walk-in workshops allow grown-ups to discover the ancient art of calligraphy and even create their very own art pieces, kids discover illustration and design techniques and learn how to improve their skills and use of colour.

MIA is for those who genuinely appreciate and want to know more about Islamic heritage.

MIA Park

Next to the museum, you will find MIA Park, the perfect place for children to let loose. The playground provides exciting facilities, including bikes for the family. What mums and dads enjoy most is the safety of this fun environment for children.

Katara Cultural Village

The Village features some of Qatar's most inspiring art venues and is abuzz with artists. A relaxing place for family walkabouts, the evening fountains provide a magical ambience. Featuring Arabian-inspired architecture with waterways and alleyways, Katara is a thriving community of creatives practising calligraphy or silk dyeing, with workshops that allow kids to join in. Katara appeals to anyone with an interest in traditional arts and Qatari culture.

Dhow Cruise

For more than 1,000 years, dhows have sailed the waters around Qatar and have been at the heart of community living, from pearl diving to fishing to exploration. A cruise on a traditional dhow is a sublime experience for all ages. 

Al Dosari Zoo

Al Dosari Zoo and Game Reserve, a private property owned by the Al Dosari family, is one of Qatar's most popular safari zoos. It provides visitors with a great opportunity to discover various species and their habitats.

Beautifully scenic with ample parking spaces, families often bring their own food and enjoy al fresco picnics.

Day 2

Falcon Souq

The souq is one of the most exciting places to visit in Doha. Traditionally used for hunting, falcons are very much a part of Qatar's living heritage, and remain a very important part of the local culture. 

Kids can get up close and personal with these majestic birds, pose with a falcon perched on the arm and take photographs. In fact, falcons are so important that the souq even has a falcon hospital nearby.  To round out one's visit, take the kids on an educational tour of the falcon hospital.  

Duhkan Beach 

One of Qatar's most popular attractions for families, there are several cottages and huts around the beach that provide comfortable accommodation.  Dukhan Beach is best known for overnight camping. 


Bubblemaker sounds like fun simply because it is. Here, kids blow bubbles while scuba diving. Rest assured, PADI professional staff guarantee a safe environment. Children of at least eight years old are allowed to use scuba gear and swim in the venue's shallow waters.


Bounce is a trampoline park and freestyle playground. Packed with wall-to-wall excitement, visitors of all ages indulge in a range of thrilling manoeuvres.

Activities can be whatever you like: Bounce is a training ground for aerial sports acrobatics; a place to simply watch and enjoy the action; or a venue for serious exercise and burning calories.

Day 3

Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park

Experience the largest theme park in Qatar, located in Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas and home to more than 28 slides, rides and attractions; a paradise for kids.


This inspiring venue is a popular spot for families, with extravagant interiors that make you feel like you're in another world. The mall has luxury and high street brands, entertainment venues, a skating rink and cinema, gondolas that ride along a central canal, and let visitors feel like they're in Venice. 

Qanat Quartier

A Venice-inspired neighbourhood with candy coloured buildings, turquoise canals and arched bridges, Qanat Quartier is an Instagrammer's delight. Play a tune on the musical staircase, take the family on a leisurely stroll and check out quaint boutiques and stylish cafés.

Aspire Park

Discover running and walking tracks, large green spaces, fountains, children's playgrounds, a café and a lake. The largest park in Doha, Aspire Park offers comprehensive facilities for the entire family.

Al Shaqab Equestrian Center

Situated within Education City, Al Shaqab is a renowned equestrian destination. Spread over 980,000 square metres and built in honour of Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani, the breeding farm is on the site of a historic battle in which Bedouin tribesmen on horseback fought an Ottoman army and helped Qatar gain independence. Here, children as young as six learn how to ride and discover a bit about equestrianism. Who knows, your kids might even develop a passion for the sport. A day at Al Shaqab promises to be an experience kids won't stop talking about. 

Museum of Illusions

Exactly what it says on the tin: A fascinating world of illusions that will captivate, mesmerise and amaze but also educate. Nothing is quite what it seems at the Museum of Illusions!

The Vortex Tunnel is a completely crazy idea that makes you believe you're struggling just to take a step forward. Enjoy holograms and optical illusions. See yourself on the ceiling, marvel in an infinity room and question the laws of gravity and size ratio. Your eyes will see things that your brain cannot understand!

Day 4

Fire Station Gallery

The gallery was used as a fire station for many years. Today it is a contemporary art space showcasing art and artists. Family tours and children's workshops are available, where kids can get creative and interact with artists. When hungry, their favourite bites such as chicken nuggets, burgers, cheesy pasta and fish fingers are on the menu at Cafe 999.

Jungle Zone Theme Park

An animal-themed attraction where kids experience the excitement of one of Qatar's finest indoor entertainment theme parks. For toddlers and teens, the venue offers a wide variety of rides such as rollercoasters, bumper cars, water rides, and an arcade that keep young minds and bodies active and entertained. One of the main attractions is the 7D Dark Ride, which promises an exciting multisensory experience. Jungle Zone is also a popular destination for children's birthday parties.

Doha Golf Club

Come and experience a wide range of activities. With two golf courses, walking tracks, various sports courts and an exquisite restaurant, Doha Golf Club is a must-visit venue where mums and dads can join in the holiday fun.

Day 5

The Pearl

The Pearl is an island near the central West Bay area. It features Mediterranean-style marinas, hotels and premium retail offerings and five-star culinary experiences. Often called the Arabian Riviera, visitors can walk along the marina or hop onto a golf cart, a great way to explore the venue and immerse oneself in the amazing atmosphere. 

Enjoy window-shopping. Stop at one of the many cafés and restaurants. Spend time in Megapolis, a huge family entertainment centre with a bowling alley, pool tables, car racing and golf simulators, and arcade games. Minipolis, a play area for younger children, features a rock climbing wall, inflatable games and a Lego area.


Here's an edutainment venue and indoor theme park that parents simply cannot resist! This child-sized city encourages kids to learn and discover through play while parents enjoy the secure environment. 

Qatar National Library

A futuristic facility recognised by UNESCO, visitors can immerse themselves in the history of Qatar and learn about its people, culture and heritage. 

As well as providing an excellent collection of resources for parents, children can spend hours broadening their knowledge in the Young Adults' Library, a truly inspirational learning space. Here, more than 100,000 children's books, ebooks and educational games keep kids fully occupied. Interactive storytime, creative workshops, literacy, science, arts, literature and theatre programmes, activities for children with special needs and workshops for parents makes the visit more than worthwhile.

Qatar with kids: A 5-day itinerary

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Qatar with kids: A 5-day itinerary