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Explore Qatar like never before

Qatar creates the perfect blend of old-world hospitality and cosmopolitan luxury and sophistication. The rich cultural tapestry, new experiences and adventures are sure to leave you captivated.

Absorb the unique ambiance and explore the possibilities of Qatar for an unforgettable holiday experience with city tours options from Doha bus you'd love. Find out more below.

Explore Qatar like never before

Guided city tours

Visit iconic locations with ease at your own pace with city tours ranging from half day tours and night tours to 24 hours hop on hop off tours.

Explore Qatar like never before

Adventures of the desert

No trip to Qatar is complete without a visit to the Inland sea. The thrilling ride over the sand dunes, pristine vistas along luxurious beachfront resorts and sampling delectable local food dishes are some of Qatar's compelling experiences that await. 

Explore Qatar like never before

Qatar's art & culture tours

Dive deep into the world of art & culture of Qatar with elaborate cultural tours that take you around the North of Qatar, the iconic museums and the rich heritage sites of the country. 

Explore Qatar like never before

Boat tours and sea views

Cruise around the city’s iconic Corniche waterfront along with view of the busy city and the skyline from the waterside.

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Explore Qatar like never before