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Home to people from over 100 countries, Qatar is a truly multicultural society. Its varied dining scene reflects this rich diversity, featuring an eclectic range of influences.

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Qatar's cuisine represents Arabia and the Middle East, but also all tastes of the world, with everything from fine dining to family-style restaurants, casual eateries and cafes.

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On the hunt for something new? Our restaurant listings are constantly updated to inspire you with Qatar's best Asian, Arabic and international options.

Taste the flavours of Qatar with Chef Noor al Mazroei and Rachel Morris

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    Noor al Mazroei

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    Rachel Morris

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Food & drink


For much of the year in Doha, life begins after the sun sets.  As the city lights shimmer, its beautiful people head out to enjoy bites, music, and dance.

Food & drink

Ramadan in Qatar

Ramadan is a particularly festive time in Qatar. While all dining venues are closed during the day, they come alive around sundown. 

Many authentic Japanese resturants are dotted around Doha including Sushi Minto, Oishi, Junko and the world-famous Nobu in the Four Seasons Hotel.

Doha has all types of cuisines, for all types of budgets. You will get everything from masala dosas to sushi to steaks, weekend brunches and organic homemade produce at Torba Market. The city is dedicated to food.

All the world-famous fast-food outlets have a presence in the capital Doha.

Doha boasts many fine Italian eateries as well as virtually every international menu you can think of. The capital is a gastronimic paradise.

Yes, alcohol is allowed on selected restaurants, bars and hotels in Qatar.

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