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Cycling in Qatar

Explore the great outdoors on two wheels

The thrill of cycling is becoming more popular by the day. Not only a pleasing way to get around but biking provides excellent exercise. It’s a great stress reliever too and an enjoyable way to get fitter.

Jump on a bike and you’ll discover new destinations, new experiences and meet new friends. It’s quite typical then of Qatar to lead the way by laying miles and miles of paths for the country’s growing number of cyclists. They include Olympic and pedestrian/cycling paths with monitoring devices with information on the weather, temperature, warnings of possible accidents and announcing major sporting events. 

The top cycling routes in Qatar

What better way to engage with the sights, sounds and culture than on two wheels. And with idyllic weather through the winter months, more and more people are checking out places to go.

5/6 Park

Lush and vibrant, visitors adore the plant maze, while others are attracted to the 1.1 km bike path that’s ideal for beginners. There’s also a 1.4 km jogging path available to cyclists.

Cycling in Qatar
Cycling in Qatar

Olympic Cycling Track

At 33 km, it holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest continuous cycle path and features 29 underpasses and five bridges to encourage non-stop riding away from the road. 

Lusail International Circuit

A state-of-the-art motor racing track that indulges enthusiasts and has bikes available for hire. Its 5.3 km circuit is ideal for fast riding.

Cycling in Qatar
Cycling in Qatar

Hamad International Airport

A popular route running from the Doha airport to the C-Ring Road. 


Discover hills and explore the scene from Cuban Hospital to Umm Bab in the south and all the way up the peninsula.

Cycling in Qatar

Al Bidda Park

One of the most visited parks in Qatar is also one of the best places for beginners. The Al Bidda Park offers 5 km of smooth, stress-free riding surrounded by natural beauty.

Al Abraj Park

Designed in the shape of a dew drop, the park features a track made with recycled rubber and locally sourced materials.

Cycling in Qatar
Cycling in Qatar

Aspire Zone Park

Boasts a 5 km track and offers a hire scheme called Cycle in Aspire Park. The idea is to encourage residents to aspire to a healthier quality of life. Bikers are given a special helmet. The Park’s Learn to Ride initiative is aimed at children. 

Al Khor Road

There’s 38 km of track along here that integrates with the Olympic track. It is also linked to Lusail and Al Bayt stadiums, with easy access to Al Rayyan Stadium via Al Majd Road.

200422_Al Bayt Stadium Aerials

Join a club

You may have a group of friends who love to ride; you could be seeking new acquaintances; whatever you want, there are numerous cycling clubs where you will find sociable, enthusiastic people to gel with. Simply click any of the links below and you’re good to go.

·         Malaysian Qatar Cycling Community

·         Qatar Chain Reaction

·         FitQ

·         VeloStar

·         Veloettes

·         Pinoy Mountain Bikers

·         Padyak Qatar

·         Indonesian Fun

·         Qatar Sandstormers

·         Qatar Cyclists

·         Pinoy Roadies

·         TriClub Doha

Tips for newbies

With more and more riders on trails, paths and roads, these tips for beginners will help make rides safer, less strenuous and more fun.


Protect your head

Always wear a strong helmet from a reputable company. Even if there are no bike helmet laws, you should always wear one even if you don't have too.


Don't pedal in high gear for long periods

You want to try and keep your pace steady. When you pedal in a high gear it puts added strain on your knees.


Get a bike fit

Having your bike set up to fit your body will make riding much easier, more efficient and will cause less pain and soreness during and after your ride.


Get the right saddle

This makes a huge difference. A longer seat with a cut-out will generally be the best type. Check online for reviews.


Change position while riding

Move your hands around the bars and move your rear end around on the saddle. This keeps things from going numb due to staying in the same position for too long.


Don't ride with headphones

It’s dangerous. Full stop. You must stay alert to sounds from emergency vehicles and other noises. But if you must have music, get a small clip-on radio with a speaker.


Wear a reflective vest or straps

and make sure your bike has front and rear lights if you plan to ride at night.


Know the rules

Obey the road signs. Pay attention to vehicles so you can try to anticipate what they are going to do next.


Keep your head up

Look far enough ahead so you can react to any obstacles.


Take refreshments

You should be drinking two litres of water a day, and you’ll definitely need to up your intake during hot, sweaty hours on cycle paths.

Follow these tips to have a more enjoyable time on your bike.

Cycling in Qatar

Many regard cycling as a sporting activity, a hobby or a great way to meet new friends. It’s an amazing way to discover the great outdoors and to appreciate gentle winds, a glorious climate and breathtaking backdrops. There are so many Instagrammable scenes to explore, discover and remember. Get on your bike, get fitter and uplift your mood.

Cycling in Qatar