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Hisham AlAhmed

This is the story of Chef Hisham AlAhmed

Chef Hisham AlAhmed, Alwadi Hotel

Chef Hisham’s passion started nearly 2 decades ago when his inspiration grew from looking at culinary books that were available at home as his family is not new to culinary since, 4 of his brothers are all passionate culinarians working in restaurants in Syrian and Middle East. Pastry and desserts were his first attempt in preparation as he was fascinated with the art and technique involved even for a simply dish. Chef Hisham was soon got involved in his family run restaurant extending his support in various preparations and interacting with customers that is when he realized the connection and value of the business. Hisham left his family restaurant to further his experience and knowledge and joined one of the largest restaurants in the world located in Damascus, this is where he gained his technique and insight in Arabic Cuisine.

Hisham’s culinary journey had no limits when he decided to travel North West of Syria (Tartous) to discover some of the traditional seafood, and spices used for the marinade.

He soon realized that he would like to move to a cosmopolitan city that is when he arrived here in Doha in 2010.

Since then, Chef Hisham has played a key role in various iconic restaurants in Doha specializing in Arabic, Mediterranean and Levant cuisine. He held lead roles in serving royalty lunch and dinners which is when he earned the respect and recognized for his talent and skill.

Chef Hisham brought his skills and passion to Sofra, our Levantine inspired restaurant which was introduced to Doha in March 2019. The development of this restaurant took nearly two years in planning the specialties, presentation where traditional recipes are combined with modern and contemporary touches, elevating the whole dining experience to a new level.

Hisham does not stop challenging himself and the team to bring the best forward in creating new dishes inspired by traditions that existence have been forgotten. 


I never stop challenging myself to bring the best forward in creating new dishes inspire traditions that existence has forgotten.

Hisham AlAhmed
Hisham AlAhmed Chef at Alwadi Hotel

Signiture Dish


Basmashkat is a traditional Syrian beef fillet shaped like a bag, stuffed with saffron rice, minced lamb and cashew nuts

Our interpretation of this dish is to retain the traditional method of preparation 

With a contemporary touch to please our newer generation clientele

We do our basmashkat stuffed with fresh herbed minced lamb, cashew nuts, Kashkawalcheese, mint jus plated with locally produce vegetables.