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Qatar International Food Festival 2023

From haute cuisine amuses to spicey street food bites, the Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) is a celebration of the world’s best cuisines. Picturesque outdoor venues set the scene for a Qatari signature and mouth-watering experience.

Around the world with more flavours

Imagine having a taste of the world’s finest cuisines, while traces of local oudh and shisha tantalize the senses. From local shawarma to Mexican tacos and Liberian rice bread, consider it served. Kitchen creatives can also learn a trick or two in the masterclasses and live cooking shows.

For those more into Qatari specialties, there’s a local kitchen gem to be found around every corner. While you may have tasted a bowl of machboos at home, the local combination of spices, ingredients and kitchen craft makes for a first-time experience. Green coffee beans from the region are ground for your Qahwa coffee, while pistachio flakes give the 'luiqaimat' donut that distinctive taste. And don’t forget the Karak tea!

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